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Fat Burner, Muscle Builder 4 Week Program

Fat Burner, Muscle Builder 4 Week Program



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As a former college football player and coach, I have trained with my teammates and the players I coached for over 15 years. Every athletes is looking for an advantage and every person is wanting to look a certain way. I strongly believe that you can improve your physique, strength and nutrition every day if you have the right program and the right coach.

I'm certified in Strength and Conditioning and have a wealth of experience training people who either want to lose weight, put on muscle, gain weight, get bigger, faster, stronger, or tone up!

Through hard work, discipline, grit and togetherness, we can help you with workouts that get results!


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“I stumbled upon Fitness Training Star while searching for a reliable fitness program to help me lose weight. As someone with a busy work life, I needed a flexible yet effective workout regime. The website offered just that – a variety of workout programs that I could do at my own pace. Their strength training routines were challenging but doable, and the agility exercises added a fun twist to my workouts. Within months, I noticed a significant change. I've lost 15 pounds, feel stronger, and have more energy than ever before. The clear, easy-to-follow content on their website made my fitness journey enjoyable and successful. Fitness Training Star has truly transformed my approach to health and fitness!”

Janette Regular Mom

“Before discovering Fitness Training Star, I had been struggling to put on muscle, despite regular visits to the gym. I decided to give their online workout programs a try, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. Their website offered a range of strength training routines that were perfectly suited for muscle building. The detailed guides and instructional videos were incredibly helpful, especially for someone like me who needed to learn the right techniques. Within a few months of following their programs diligently, I started seeing noticeable gains in muscle mass. The variety of exercises kept my workouts interesting and challenging. Thanks to Fitness Training Star, I not only achieved my goal of gaining muscle but also gained a deeper understanding of effective fitness strategies.”

Michael (26) Works for Verizon Wireless

“After years of struggling with the infamous ‘dad bod,' I decided it was time for a change. I found Fitness Training Star online and it seemed like the perfect fit for a busy dad like me. The website was full of easy-to-follow workout plans that I could do at home, which was ideal given my hectic schedule. Their combination of strength training and agility exercises was exactly what I needed. The instructional content was straightforward and engaging, making it easy to stick to the routine. Within a few months, I noticed a significant change. I lost weight, toned up, and said goodbye to my dad bod. More importantly, I felt healthier and more energetic, keeping up with my kids became easier than ever. Fitness Training Star truly helped me turn my health around, and I couldn't be more grateful!”

Kevin (41) Accountant and Father of Two


Fat Burner, Muscle Builder 4 Week Program

You're 4 weeks away from losing stubborn fat and adding muscle... Are you ready?