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Do you want to be a Fitness Training Star? It all starts with having your own equipment where you can access it at anytime! With new regulations being strictly enforced at your local gym, it provides an opportunity for home gym equipment brands to feature their products to help you reach your goals. From strength training to cardio, we review the absolute best equipment so you can become the star you’ve dreamed of.

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Popular Connected Exercise Bikes

Smart exercise bikes are the new wave of the future, and we want to help you choose the right one that fits your workout style. We cover all indoor cycling, tips and the best bikes.

All-in-one Smart Home Gyms

Connected home gyms with A.I. training technology mixed with all the free weights you need is a recipe for getting jacked out of your mind! We’ve partnered with the best brands in this sector, which will give our readers the absolute best price if they decide it’s right for them.

Treadmills to Keep You in Shape

Featuring giants in the treadmill space (like Peloton), we provide our readers with the latest releases with information that flat out helps make an informed buying decision.

Big Brand Ellipticals

Ellipticals used to be a thing of the past. But, with improved fitness technology these low-impact workout machines are back with a vengeance.


What Our Clients Say About Our Services

“We use Alex’s information to choose which equipment we want to add in our gym. He lays out clear, unbiased reviews that provide so much value for me and my team.”

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Kenny Davis (Kenny Davis Personal Training LLC)

“I go to fitnesstrainingstar.com to get an in-depth analysis on which fitness platform I should be using. The information here is all up to date and it helps me look at every angle so I can get the best workouts at home.”

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Dina McCormack (Fitness enthusiast)

“You never know what you’re going to get if you blindly buy gym equipment, or smart gym machines. I found Alex’s review on the Tempo Home Studio and it shed light on if it was worth it for me or not.”

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Jordan Teselona (Powerlifter)


We Hand Over Affordable Pricing For Our Clients.

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Includes app and in-app upgrades. Perfect for beginning a workout plan!

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Full app features, personal training algorithm, customized experience!

$199 $99/mo

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Meet The Fitness Training Stars

Get to know your trainers

Scott A. Leon

Scott Leon is a world body building champion and can dumbbell curl with 125 lbs.

Laura J. Wolf

Laura Wolf is an ACE Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and former LPGA golfer.

Michael Y. Horne

Mike Horne is a former Division I Football Player with one mission: get his athletes stronger!

Rhonda J. Meadow

Rhonda Meadow is a former women’s USA soccer player that now trains professional athletes.

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