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CITYROW GO Reviews – Is It the Best Smart Rower?

Why walk your way to a better physique when you can row right through the finish line instead? Yes, rowing is the full-body, sculpting workout that people who have never put paddle to waves before are falling in love with. With a smart rower like the CITYROW GO, you can get a rower's body from home. Take a look at the smart, high-tech features on this workout machine that helps you build muscles and burn fat using a maritime pastime!

Let's talk about why people love the CITYROW GO. Yes, many people call this the "Peloton of rowing." However, the machine stands so uniquely strong on its own merit that it's really a shame to even try to compare it to something in a different genre.




The big thing to remember is that you don't have to worry about being stuck with "just rowing" when you invest in this machine. CITYROW GO actually integrates high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength, endurance and yoga into its programming. You can select workouts tailored for various levels and lengths! You'll even feel the glory as you feel the burn with help from performance metrics and real-time progress tracking.

First, let's cover the specs to help you envision how this machine is going to look in your home:

specs of cityrow go rowers









61 LBS (before water)

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setup and store CITYROW GO rower easily

As far as where to place this rower, you're free to pick any spot in any room because it's a completely cordless unit! All the connecting you need to do is done by Bluetooth. The machine gets juiced up using rechargeable batteries. You'll find that this machine has a compact size and low profile when it's placed in a room.

CITYROW'S Real Water Resistance System

The most impressive feature about the CITYROW GO is that it uses real water for resistance. Yes, that rowing sensation that you're feeling is actually a true rowing experience that's being recreated right inside your home. That's a big deal because lots of other smart rowing machines actually use computer-generated resistance. While many people get decent workouts with these machines, there is just something so deeply energizing about using real water for resistance. Most people who are very into rowing will tell you that even the best simulation just can't touch the real thing.

workouts good for body and soul

The touch of real water comes by way of the CITYROW GO WaterFlyWheel system. One neat thing about using water for natural resistance is that you actually get natural water sounds while you're rowing. Talk about a touch that's good for the body and soul. In a bit, we'll cover more of the high-tech features that make the user experience on this rowing machine out of this world. First, let's dive into why indoor rowing is making such a splash at the moment.

smart rowers 2.0 worth investing art graphic

High Fives All Around when you invest in a CITYROW GO or smart rowing machine!

Smart Indoor Rowers 2.0: Why Now Is a Great Time to Invest

Why is THIS the moment to buy an indoor rower? Frankly, they've just never been this good before! Today's rowers combine smart technology with smooth movements to provide a world-class experience that didn't exist outside of a celebrity-only, ultra-elite gym just a few years ago.

With more people working out from home than ever before, the shift to better home workout equipment is a natural one. While some people are into total home gyms, other go-getters are simply looking for a steady, results-creating go-to that they can look forward to using every day. If the goal is fast results, it's hard to top a home rowing machine.

Better Workouts?

How do you get better workouts from home without using 5 different fitness machines and spending an overwhelming amount of time? The solution could be the CITYROW GO Rowers!

Smart Rowers!

First, rowing uses all your major muscles groups. Yes, that means your legs, arms, back and core are all being activated. It's like doing multiple workouts at once using a single motion without feeling like you're stuck in the multitasking rat race. In one machine, you're getting an aerobic workout, crafting muscles and burning fat.

Amazingly, you're getting all of this in a package that provides a very low-impact workout. That's great news if you're concerned about injuries from stress and strain while working out. Many people who focus on high-intensity workouts on machines like treadmills feel the pain in their knees and ankles for years to come. With a rower, you're never "coming down hard" on any surfaces.

Lastly, rowing is also amazing for posture! There's really no better way to get consistent workouts that activate all of your muscle groups in such a gentle, fun way that allows you to learn new skills.

choosing smart rowing machines on phone app

Smart Rowing Machine Buying Guide: How to Choose a Smart Rower for Your Home

How do you find the rower that's going to bring your dreams of having the best at-home workouts of your life full circle? There are some basics to cover as you shop for what is honestly a pretty big investment. The best part about shopping for your own rower instead of simply relying on whatever your local gym offers is that the decision is all about YOU. Here's your checklist:

Your Space Allowance

You have to be realistic about what you can fit in your home! Take a look at the dimensions of any rower before allowing yourself to fall in love with its features. An added bonus of the CITYROW is that it has a compact design. It also stands easily for upright storage.

Workout Style

The big question with the new class of smart rowers is if you want a real water resistance system. The group of rowers offering real water resistance over computer-generated resistance is very small and elite.

Workout Options/Connectivity

Take a look at the classes and interactive features on any rower before committing. Make sure you like the lay of the land before you put that paddle in the water because you'll be staring at the machine's screen for many long hours.


Why not check out what other people are saying? While reviewers are only offering opinions, it's really helpful to learn about the positive and negative experiences that real users have had.

When reviewing the features of the CITYROW on your own, you're likely to find that this smart rower checks all the right boxes. However, the big question really rests on whether you're ready to commit to a machine that's just a rower. Once you know that rowing is how you want to get pumped up every day, it's hard to turn down the CITYROW if you're looking for the best smart rower out there. Still not convinced? Let's dive deeper into this water-based machine. We'll also take a look at how this machine stacks up against other smart rowers.

What Is The CITYROW GO Rower?

In short, CITYROW GO is the at-home rower that lets you literally ride the waves with help from its WaterFlyWheel technology. What's beautiful about this system is that you're rowing against natural resistance settings. That means that you're met with more resistance when you push harder. This smart rower integrates your own movements with intelligently designed fitness programming to help you tap into all the benefits of rowing even if you're a novice.

How Big Is CITYROW GO Rower’s Screen?

If you're opting for the CITYROW GO Classic, it's a bring-your-own-screen situation. However, upgrading to the Max model gets you an integrated 19.5-inch touchscreen monitor.

What Other Technology Makes CITYROW GO Unique?

First, there's that 19.5-inch sweat-resistant touchscreen that comes with the CITYROW Max. The screen swivels up to 30 degrees for crisp views while you're doing various workouts. There's also a 20-watt speaker system that allows you to vibe out to music if you just want to row without instruction.

Of course, the whole rower "fits in the palm of your hand" with help from the CITYROW GO app. CITYROW also sprinkles in Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to sync up your enabled devices with your rower. This makes it easy to take advantage of interactive features, chart your progress and collect badges.

CITYROW GO Max Rower vs Classic: What's the Difference Between CITYROW GO's Two Models?

city row go max rower
city row go classic rower

The Max rower is the "elite" version of the Classic rower. The big difference is that the Max pampers you with a 19.5-inch sweat-proof screen that the Classic doesn't have. This screen is your portal to thousands of workouts and classes without the need to use your own device. There's also a snazzy backlit monitor for your workouts. The specs are also slightly different on the two models. While both measure in at 22.5 inches long by 22.25 inches wide, the 75-pound Max is actually a little heavier than the 61-pound Classic. At 45-inches high, the Max is also much taller than the 20-inch classic.







Rotating HD Screen



Real-time performance data



Bluetooth Enabled



Stand and Store




How Much Does CITYROW GO Cost?

The CITYROW GO Classic costs $1,495. The fancier CITYROW GO Max costs quite a bit more at $2,195, but you're getting a ton of value with the added HD screen.

How Does CITYROW GO Compare to Other Smart Indoor Rowing Machines?

For many people, the CITYROW GO sets the bar high by offering the perfect low-to-the-ground workout. For purists, it's the best smart rower simply because it uses real water resistance when so many other machines use computer-generated resistance. It also offers a really nice mix of workout options that put you on the same plane as complete home gyms without the need to dedicate the space or cost to total home gyms. 

Concept2 vs CITYROW GO: Which Is Best?

Choosing between Concept2 vs CITYROW GO really comes down to your preferred experience. While the Concept2 is a solid rower, it's a very stripped-down, barebones option. It's a good pick if you want a purely self-guided workout like you might have enjoyed in the days before smart gyms. This rower does not offer access to live workouts or any membership features. Keep in mind that the Concept2 uses air resistance instead of water resistance the way the CITYROW GO does. At $900, the Concept2 is close enough in price to the CITYROW GO classic to just make the leap to the slightly pricier option with many more bells and whistles. 

CITYROW GO vs Hydrow: Which Is Better?

The Hydrow is a competitor to the CITYROW Max with a 22-inch HD screen that blows all other smart rowers out of the water. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually use real water to do this. Hydrow is powered with computer-controlled resistance. If you're actually looking for simulated resistance over water, this is an option to look at more closely. However, it can sink your dreams of true on-the-water muscle work! 

CITYROW GO vs Ergatta

With a starting price of $2,199 the Ergatta is right in the same neighborhood as the CITYROW Max. However, it brings out your competitive side just a little bit more with its gaming-inspired approach to workouts. The 17.5-inch HD touchscreen on the Ergatta is smaller than the Max's screen. The screen still impresses by delivering live and on-demand water and floor workouts that take you from rowing and strength to yoga and Pilates.

Designed to look like a piece of furniture, the Ergatta is definitely the most attractive rower out there. The Ergatta also nips at CITYROW's heels by offering real water resistance. However, Ergatta doesn't yet have its own dedicated app. There's no denying that the competition is tough between these two very inspired options. With the CITYROW, you do have the option to simply opt for the Classic to get water resistance at a lower price.

Reviews of CITYROW GO Rowers: What Are Customers Saying?

cityrow go reviews by 3 happy customers

CITYROW'S Testimonials are gaining momentum and their average rating is now a 4.9 / 5 stars.

In a nutshell, reviewers love that they have so much freedom to enjoy workouts of any length and intensity using a machine that works all of their muscles! They feel very unrestricted by this machine. Reviewers are also highly satisfied with the selection of classes available with the CITYROW GO. In addition to calling this machine sleek and stylish, many reviewers comment on how easy it is to store away.

Marc S.

"I tried all the smart rowing machines (Ergatta, Hydrow, Concept2, RW900, etc) and City Row gives me the best rowing experience."

Jayson A.

"The workout sessions can easily outdo any workout at the gym and are now my go to fitness routine."

Brianna F.

"So many workout experience options (on and off the rower) and the trainers are legit like Peloton, and I've been using Peloton since it's been around."

Sloan T.

"Besides the remarkable design, which I love, the waterflywheel makes it challenging and fun at the same time."

The Verdict: Is CITYROW GO the Most Legit Smart Rower?

The CITYROW GO definitely turns all the right gears to be considered the most legit smart rower out there. While it gets more than a healthy dose of competition from the Ergatta if you're looking for a comparable water-resistance rower, the fact that you can "price down" by sticking to the Classic makes the CITYROW family of rowers a more complete option.

The big benefit of the CITYROW is that you are really, truly rowing against water resistance! There's no better way to work your muscle groups to build muscle and burn fat. It's a comfortable machine that allows you to simply row full sail ahead for maximum calorie burning, pace yourself for specific fitness goals using guided classes or try non-rowing workouts. You also get the benefit of rowing for the exact amount of time that you have to spare without feeling like you have to "plug in" to a full routine the way you do if you want to get an actual workout with total home gyms.

Think CITYROW Go is a good fit for you or someone you know?

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