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Elevate Your Workouts With CLMBR: The New JAY-Z Backed Smart Climbing Machine

Why It's Time to Elevate Your Workout With a Smart, Connected Climber Machine: Fitness Training Star takes an in-depth look at CLMBR – a JAY-Z invested smart vertical climbing machine that helps you reach new heights in your fitness journey. Does it live up to all the hype?

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The CLMBR could be your most savvy investment to date.

Exercise Benefits With Vertical Climbing Machines

It's an amazing time to be in the market for new at-home fitness machines for those of us who are interested in simulated, fully immerse workout experiences. Who would have guessed just a few years ago that the strength-building, adrenaline-pumping experience of hiking a mountain could be so accessible from home? If you're starting to find your treadmill tiring, it may be time to reach new heights with a vertical smart climber.

What is a vertical climber machine? A vertical climber is an upright unit that allows your body to mimic the movements of climbing an actual mountain. As you “ascend” virtually, you'll enjoy cardio, aerobic and strength-training benefits packed into one workout! No, this isn't just another type of treadmill, elliptical or cycling machine. It's a complete revolution for conquering the “uphill battle” of working out from home while engaging your entire body. In addition to being both fun and mentally satisfying, vertical climbing offers tons of benefits that make it easier to get in shape from home. Take a look at the health and lifestyle benefits of vertical climbers. It's almost like getting the satisfaction of covering Mount Everest from the comfort of your living room!

1. It Takes Less Time to Fit in a Great Workout

Working out with a vertical climber is efficient! Many of us have gotten trapped in cycles of using multiple machines to work different muscle groups during our “gym” sessions. As a result, a complete workout can take hours. This often means skipping workouts because the commitment is just too steep. A vertical climber can solve this by allowing you to work out multiple areas of your body with one machine. This one machine can work your arms, glutes, quads, core and more so beautifully.

2. It Works With Your Body Instead of Against It

With a climbing machine, you're using manual power to control just how fast or slow you go. This is amazing for building up speed and resistance! Controlling movement to complete a mix of long strokes and short strokes allows you to customize a workout that delivers the biggest impact.

3. It Burns Serious Calories

How many calories can you burn on a vertical climber? According to researchers, you can expect to burn between 300 and 800 calories in a 30-minute session when using a vertical climber! What's more, the strength-training benefits of a climber help to build muscle that allows you to simply burn more calories around the clock.

4. It Delivers a Low-Impact Way to Enjoy a High-Intensity Workout

It's easy to focus on the intensity offered by climbing. However, a vertical climber is actually a low-impact machine due to the fact that it allows you to control your pace and intensity level instead of requiring you to simply “strap in” to go along for the ride. As a result, it's a great fit for people who are concerned about strain, fatigue or injury while using a workout machine at home.

There's one last benefit that can't exactly be quantified. Vertical climbing is fun! This is a really engaging way to get in a workout that requires focus and balance. For people looking to create a “mental escape” while working out, they'll find that the focus required helps them to tune out the rest of the world. What's more, the way the machine allows you to be very aware of your body movements and sensations can be a very centering, relaxing experience even though you're in the midst of working up a real sweat.

Introducing CLMBR: Can You Reach New Heights With This Smart Climber?

What's the next step if you're ready to enjoy a workout that brings you to the next level after getting bored with treadmills, bike and elliptical machines? It may be time to start looking at some of the popular climbing machines to find a good fit. A smart climber brings the mountain to you.

CLMBR brand logo and vertical climber with screen
Brand logo (left) and POV view of CLMBR machine (center right)

Strength Training and a Legit Cardio Workout – That's What Climbers Do!

One of the smart climbers out of there that is rightfully receiving lots of attention is the CLMBR vertical climbing machine. There's a lot to love here if you're looking for a machine that has been thoughtfully designed to be a next-generation machine that's going to serve your needs for a long time to come. While there's a lot to talk about regarding what makes the CLMBR vertical climbing machine impressive, there's one area that I think is the most important one to start with. The adjustable resistance on this unit brings you to a new place in your workout that other machines simply can't support. CLMBR has adjustable resistance levels that allow you to tailor your own resistance level based on your fitness goals, what you're comfortable with and what's going to allow you to get the best workout. This personally adjustable resistance also makes it possible to achieve the perfect balance of strength and cardio during your workout. What this ultimately means is that you're burning calories while sculpting your body.

An Ultra Smooth and Quiet Experience

The personalized and adjustable resistance offered by the CLMBR is enough to shoot it straight to the top of your list of smart vertical climbing machines to consider. However, it's ultimately just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how this machine supports a fitter, healthier life. One of the best features of all is that the CLMBR operates on a whisper-quiet mode. This is so important for being able to get in those workouts early in the morning or late at night because there's no anxiety about causing a commotion that's going to wake kids or housemates. Using Kevlar® belts and special ball bearings, this machine delivers an ultra-smooth experience. However, the sound you will be grateful for is what's coming out of the cutting-edge, sweat-resistant audio system that's built into this smart climber.

quiet and smooth workout experience
High quality pedals help this machine make it a quiet workout experience!

Track Your Workout Progress

One of the other really nice things about this particular machine is that you never really feel like you're all alone when using it even though you may be waking up in the quiet hour before sunset to fit your workout in. That's because CLMBR is built with a system that provides data and motivation in real time to track your progress. It's all delivered via a gorgeous HD screen. This is so important for knowing exactly where you are in a workout. In many cases, being unable to measure the impact your workout is having on your body can make it easy to just throw in the towel. With CLMBR's data, you really feel like you're seeing your body get workout benefits in real time. You also feel like you're able to adjust to get the best results! It's a beautiful thing for those of us interested in working smarter instead of working harder!

Does CLMBR Offer Peloton-Like Community and Classes?

CLMBR users also feel connected thanks to built-in community features. As you climb, you can actually plug into real-time data on the CLMBR leaderboard. Yes, you can even climb with others virtually in fun competitions.

While on the topic of the community aspect of CLMBR, it's also important to dive into the classes offered with this machine. Like many of the top smart workout home gyms out there, CLMBR offers both instructor-led group climbs on-demand guided climbs. You can even veer away from climbing to create a well-rounded workout system that incorporates CLMBR's classes for yoga, Pilates and more. There are tons of fun activities and challenges built into the CLMBR virtual environment. If you're new to climbing, there's no need to be intimidated because CLMBR offers workouts tailored for all levels. CLMBR's really smart class-filtering option allows you to get right to where you need to be based on ability and goals. If you're crunched for time, you can even narrow down your options based on time and instructor.

Will CLMBR Fit in My Home?

While using CLMBR may make it feel like you're bringing a mountain home based on the workout you're getting, there's no need to get nervous about finding a big, empty space inside your house for this machine. First, CLMBR has been designed to be an ultra-lightweight machine. If you've had bulky machines in the past, you'll be pleased to hear that the CLMBR vertical machine is actually made from aluminum that is capable of being very durable without feeling like a boulder that's stuck in the middle of your room. As a bonus, the CLMBR can also be rolled away and stored. It even comes with wheels that help to make it even more portable and compact.

Of course, it's important to check out the specs on the CLMBR before bringing it home to make sure you have the space necessary to welcome it! The CLMBR weighs 150 pounds. Its dimensions are 34 (inches) x 33 (inches) x 92 (inches). The fact that it's a vertical machine means that the “longest” part occupies the air instead of covering your floor. Ideally, you'll want a space that covers 3 feet on the ground with a ceiling clearance of at least 8 feet.

Jay-Z Invested in CLMBR… Will You?

Jay-Z and Novak Djokovic both invested in CLMBR, along with a few other venture capitalist's, Nutrition companies, and a few other big players. The important thing is, they believe in this connected home climbing machine because of everything mentioned in this article. With big-time investors pumping money into this company, along with one of the most successful pre-order launches we've ever seen with home gym equipment, CLMBR will be around for a long time. That is HUGE because you'll be able to count on their classes and instructors for as long as you have the machine. They aren't going anywhere and that's something we can all celebrate – what a time to be alive (I know… that was Drake, not Jay-Z)! I hope you enjoyed this CLMBR review, and please let me know in the comments if you decide to get one, so we can help more people reach new fitness heights!


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