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An Honest Forme Life Review: Can a Smart Fitness Studio Lift You To New Heights?

Is the best fitness studio in town about to open inside your home? It can feel a bit like that when your new Forme Life Studio smart gym arrives! When your bundle shows up, you're getting free delivery and installation, extra yoga mats, a heart-rate monitor, a microfiber towel, cam covers and mounting hardware.

Now, you may be wondering if this mirror-style mountable smart home gym is really worth the $2,495 price tag. It's hard to argue that there's a home gym that lets you do more with such a sleek, unobtrusive setup. However, that alone doesn't seal the deal. Let's take a look at what's waiting once you get a Forme Life Studio smart gym studio installed!

Forme Life Studio LIFT and smart gyms have benefits
Having a “personal trainer” in your home is one of many benefits of owning a smart home gym!

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Smart Gym Studios for Home Workouts?

Like many smart home gyms, the Forme Life Studio is a mind-body experience. This is important to keep in mind as you weigh the pros and cons of making the investment. The biggest benefit of the Forme Life Studio is that you're getting a “whole” workout experience with tons of options for working out different parts of your body using different methods. Let's run through some of the practical benefits of bringing this gym home.

What You Can Expect:

  • You're Really Getting a Studio Experience Without Having to Leave Home: This is big! With this studio, you have no excuses for skipping workouts because you have access to genuine studio workouts from home!
  • It's a Studio Experience Around the Clock: If you have a challenging schedule, this gym lets you enjoy classes whenever you want them!
  • There's an Incredible Mix of Workout Options: Classes, workouts and versatile smart fitness equipment come together to give you amazing variety. Choose to go to your limits with cardio, strength and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for your morning workout before taking an afternoon break to get clarity from yoga or mindfulness exercises.
  • You're Getting the Real Experience of a Personal Trainer: It’s like having a personal trainer in your living room once you start tapping into live workouts. You're getting pumped up through all of the energy and encouragement that you miss from in-person studios.
  • The Accountability Is All There: Using AI, Forme Life Studio gives you feedback, rep counting and custom settings to ensure that you're never guessing about the effectiveness of your workout.

Training your body and mind to feel stronger and limitless is easier once you're able to tap into so many different modalities using one unit. The biggest perk of all is that you're going to want to use this gym. Unlike a lot of stationary equipment that get filed into the “dust collector” category after you get tired of doing a repetitive motion like rowing or biking, this gym actually gets more engaging as you get deeper into its features. Next, let's break down a little more of what's waiting for you on the other side of the mirror with the Forme Life Studio home gym!

behind the brand Form Life
Yves Behar has been influential in Forme Life's early success!

What's the Forme Life Brand All About?

This is the home gym for people who crave balance. It helps you achieve balance by being a really convenient option with tons of variety. The gym succeeds at giving users control to shape their own workout experiences. This is really effective for ensuring that your workout never feels like a chore or punishment. That's exactly the goal that Trent Ward and Yves Béhar had in mind when they spent four years developing what would become one of the most efficient home gyms on the market! Again, this unit is really all about turning your workouts into integrated, enjoyable experiences instead of just focusing on booking time to burn calories. You have so much freedom to change your workouts as your goals change.

brand logo for Forme Life

Without question, smart, connected home gyms have a lot of hype surrounding them. You're looking at commercials, seeing influencers and well-known athletes use them, and the list goes on. The question becomes, how can you truly find out if something liek Forme Life is really for you? We dug in, did the research and we came to the conclusion of using the following criteria to see if this smart studio can lift you to new heights:

Form Life Studios: Reviewing Tech & Specs of This Smart Mirror Home Gym

Designed to look like a full-length mirror, this studio doesn't suck the energy out of a room by creating a clunky eyesore. The superstars of this home fitness studio are its AI capabilities and 4K display. The experience is amplified by smooth voice control that allows you to speak your customization preferences. Let's run through the specs on this ultra-elegant unit:

  • Dimensions are 70 inches (height) x 26 inches (width).
  • The display is a 43-inch 4K mirror.
  • Features 12-megapixel cameras for motion capture and visual navigation.
  • The unit is navigated via voice control and touch-screen control.
  • Reflectivity is 70 percent.
  • Can be installed on wall or mounted to floor.

When your studio isn't being used, it looks like a large and stylish mirror. When you turn it on, a beautifully designed menu of options pops up to allow you to select your workout. It's attractive enough for a living room.

digital weight system and dance class by Forme Life Studios
Studio Lift provides a little more than the Forme Life Studio.

All About The Studio and Studio LIFT: Digital Weight Training and Fitness System

What exactly can you do with weights when you're relying on AI? That's actually going to depend on which Form Life Studio mode you choose. The classic Studio model and Studio Lift differ just slightly. While both give you similar designs with the same access to content and workouts, the LIFT is tailored for next-level training. The Studio's arms come equipped with motors that deliver synced resistance for a more even, intense training experience. Forme Life's AI optimizes your training by correcting weights for your exercises and spotting your readiness for the next level.

Included Fitness Equipment

Let's unpack what you're getting with this system! Forme Life is exceptionally generous when it comes to providing fitness and workout equipment compared to some of the other home-studio brands out there. We covered at the top that your list of extras at delivery includes a non-slip mat, heart-rate monitor, cleaning kit and mounting hardware. This is the case for both Forme Life models. However, you're also getting extra workout equipment that really enhances the capabilities of this unit. Here's what's included on the side:

  • Free-form handles.
  • A short bar.
  • A rope handle.
  • Ankle straps.
  • Storage cabinet.

If you're still looking for more, you can purchase some extra accessories directly from Forme Life that allow you to personalize your workouts even more. The list includes a bench, barre bench and long bar. These extras are compatible with both Forme Life models.

mirror and A.I. technology for form correction
Whether you're strength training or taking a cardio dance class, Forme Life's technology can help you improve every day!

A.I. Powered Technology: What Makes Forme Life's Studio (and Lift) So Unique?

We've touched a little bit on this gym's AI features already. However, it's really worth getting into the incredible technology behind this studio. You'll understand the great aesthetic achievement that has been created with this model as soon as you see it in your home. However, the simplicity of the design makes the tech feats less obvious. First, you're looking at the highest screen resolution in the home-studio industry. Next, stereoscopic cameras that tap into human movement to provide you with ultra-tailored feedback regarding your technique and form occupy a class of their own. There's also live, two-way interactive capabilities that allow you to enjoy virtual training that feels like in-person training. Forme Life also does an incredible job of integrating its exclusive workout accessories and add-on features into the system to create a truly elite experience that no other home-studio brand has quite figured out how to top.

Workout Programming Categories

The content offered with the Forme Life Studio changes the game. It really turns this studio from a workout product into a fitness ecosystem. Content is broken down by resistance training, barre, yoga, Pilates and mind wellness. You'll find so much in here that overlaps to really reinvigorate your mind and body. It's up to you to decide the structure and pace of how you want to work your body on a day-to-day basis. As a bonus, Forme Life Studio actually invested heavily into gathering workout and wellness experts from the Los Angeles areas to create top-tier content.

Content That Inspires Any Fitness Level

The content nested within the Forme Life Studio isn't just “sitting” there. It's actually meant to be activated by you as part of weekly plans and goal-based plans. That means a week with a boxing day, after-leg-day breather session, yoga hour and supercharged-sweat workout. However, you don't need to feel pressured to concoct an official plan. Many Forme Life users simply use a spontaneous approach for selecting whatever inspires them that day!

Is There Personalization and Customized Workouts?

Yes! Behind the elegant design of the Forme Life gym, customization is the single biggest draw. This home studio does not box you in at all. However, you can allow it to curate workouts for you based on your personal fitness level, forward-looking goals, workout personality and current mood. The unit is willing to take over for you as much as you want it to! However, you can also just choose to browse the content library before beginning your workout each day to select whatever looks engaging. Don't forget that AI is going to be learning all about your workout style to adjust settings to create an optimized workout for you. It's like having a trainer who knows you better than you know yourself guiding your workouts. You're going to feel like your workouts are more efficient because all of the guesswork regarding doing things properly and safely is gone. As a result, you know that you're not working out “for nothing.”

Good to Know: Star Status

There's obviously a lot to love here! If you're still trying to understand how it all comes together to create a perfect daily workout experience that's better than what you can do with just a screen and mat inside your home, let's cover all the pros. Here's your roundup of what there is to know about the Forme Life Studio:

  • Gorgeous mirror design with folding arms that looks great in your home.
  • Ultra-smooth, ultra-smart touchscreen and voice controls.
  • Two-way cameras for real-time interactions and correction.
  • Strength arms adjust automatically to the correct resistance for your body and fitness level.
  • AI technology for personalization and optimization.
  • Access to live and on-demand programming from dynamic trainers.
  • Personalized programming for your fitness level, goals and preferences.
  • The arms fold away to maintain the sleek look when not in use.
  • Next-level programming that’s based on your goals, preferences and abilities.
  • Multiple modalities to serve all your fitness goals in one unit!
  • Compatibility with your own Apple Music or Spotify playlists.
  • Mind-body workouts!
  • Generous accessories.
  • The ability to purchase compatible accessories for specific workouts.
  • Great internal music selection!

Forme Life's smart design removes every obstacle that could stand in your way of simply getting right down to business. You're never fumbling to find workouts or gather gear like you might be if you were simply putting together your own patchwork workout system. You get the experience of stepping into a real studio once you step in front of your screen. This is more important than ever if you've had to give up your “gym” experience in recent months.

Final Verdict: Can Forme Life's Studios Lift You to New Heights?

It's pretty safe to say that Forme Life's Studios can be the catalyst to living a healthier, more balanced life. The holistic ecosystem contained within this unit really stands out for creating a wellness experience for the mind and body that goes beyond just having a way to “work out” every day. Yes, there are opportunities to burn calories and build strength. However, the way you can really get lost in this system through its interactive and integrated setup provides benefits for mental wellness. This is a great system to get into if you want to be consistent regarding self-care.

At $2,495, Forme Life isn't the most expensive smart home gym on the market. An option like the Tonal home gym still costs about $500 more. However, Forme Life is far from the cheapest smart home gym out there. If you're dedicated enough to strength training to want to upgrade to the Forme Life Studio Lift, you'll be looking at a price of $4495. Most people will find that the price tag is more than justified once they're able to finally get into a groove of consistently working out from home. The lifetime cost of ownership is relatively low when you consider what you'd pay in comparable fees for studio access and trainer fees. The big difference is that a trainer isn't on call to help you when you need to unwind with a yoga session at 1 a.m. or get in a round of boxing at 3 p.m. the way that your Forme Life will be!

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