MYX versus NordicTrack S22i exercise bike comparison

MYX Fitness Bike vs NordicTrack S22i: Which bike is best for you?

Choosing the right smart connected exercise bike for your home gym (or just your living room) can be one of the most exciting purchases in our lives. With all the buzz around the MYX and Peloton bike (we'll refer to them as “the king” in this article) and the connectivity it provides, it's no wonder why new fitness equipment brand startups are emerging with enormous success.

And, if you haven't heard yet, MYX Fitness partnered with Beachbody, which is HUGE news for anyone seriously considering MYX over any other spin bike. They are also going public in a 3-way merger, so if you believe in these companies, you could get in on the SPAC right now that's currently under FRX, but will become BODY when merged in the NYSE.

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Today, we're going to create the ultimate matchup between two “king”-worthy smart connected spin exercise bikes. We all love the big gun / fan favorite what we call the Rocky Balboa of bikes – “The King.” We all want one, there's no doubt about that. But, there are two specific underdogs that you absolutely need to know about before you think for one second that it's the only choice, because it's not.

Let's introduce the two contenders:

In one corner we have the MYX Fitness bike. And, in the other corner we have the NordicTrack S22i. Ladies and gentlemen, we're ready for a rumble in the jungle – the main event! Both bikes have their own perks, and, by the end of this article, one of them will be matched up to your workout style. Moreover, we hope that you come away with purchasing one or the other simply because we want you to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life!

In this post, I'll compare the MYX Fitness exercise bike versus NordicTrack S22i smart bike across several criteria, including:

But first

What's All the Buzz Around Smart Connected Exercise Bikes?

Today, smart exercise bikes have taken the world by storm. It's no secret that they've been around for decades, however, there's one BIG brand that played a significant role in changing how we exercise on smart indoor bikes. Yup, you guessed it – the King.

It's ALL About the Fitness Experience: Riding Strong!

Back in my day, I remember when gyms started changing from workout space with exercise equipment to full-throttle fitness class studios. It was one of the most amazing transformations I've seen in my lifetime.

I must admit, I haven't spent much time in these “public” gyms / studios mainly because I've coached college football for the past 15 years of my life. And, consequently, I've always been in the office working on finding ways to score points for our offense. To keep my mind sharp, I'd go to the team weight room to ride the exercise bikes for my daily workout! Just take a look at some of the state-of-the-art team weight rooms across Division 1A football and you wouldn't blame me for skipping out on the local gym.

However, recently, I've been investing in some home gym equipment. I literally can't get over how amazing of a workout I can get in from a Myx fitness class or a Tempo studio lift – all while having a helluva good time! The experience from connected exercise bikes is worth every penny you spend on whatever bike you purchase.

Physical Activity Saves Lives and Protects Your Health

I started Fitness Training Star to bring awareness to people about connected home gym equipment and fitness apps that I BELIEVE in. My belief also runs deep into serving people the BEST fitness solutions to improve their health. One of the best ways, according to the CDC's most recent report in “Why It Matters” shows that only 50% (or half) of adults get the physical activity they need to prevent and help reduce chronic diseases. Furthermore, getting enough fitness activity could prevent 1 in 10 premature deaths. If that doesn't get you fired up, I don't know what does.

Next, we'll compare the NordicTrack S22i to the MYX Bikes using the criteria mentioned at the beginning of the post.

Comparing NordicTrack S22i Versus MYX Bike (and Plus):

Daily exercise is hard enough as it is, which is why companies like NordicTrack and MYX have emerged as leaders in the fitness equipment industry. Both brands offer easy accessibility to fitness from home while making the experience fun, competitive, educational and effective. Indoor cycling companies like these have ignited the home-gym craze, and for good reason – you can get a full-body workout anytime with tons of variety, all from the comfort of your home.

Be sure to check out my latest review of the MYX Fitness bike to see if it lives up to all the hype!

What makes these two cycling machines unique and also different?

The MYX plus and the NordicTrack S22i are both an all-in-one smart exercise bike that provide an opportunity to get full-body workouts with world class trainers thanks to their included free weights and incredible platforms. Both bikes offer a swivel screen, so after you're done cycling, you can hop off the bike, get on your mat swivel the screen and continue your workout from the ground. That's what makes these bikes unique.

MYX Plus Bike

This smart, connected exercise bike can really go the distance! For starters, it's equipped with premium, professional-quality material made by Star Trac at an affordable price that brings cycling and fitness together for a stellar at-home workout experience. This indoor bike is re-defining home fitness by providing the best pedaling experience and off-the-bike killer workouts with the help of their world-class instructors and premium (included) dumbbells, kettlebell, mat and roller.

The NordicTrack iFit may have the best competitive exercise app, but the MYX gives them every bit a run for their money when it comes to full body workouts. And, with the price being below $1,600, you're getting an absolute steal of a deal for an all-in-one home gym cardio mixed with strength workout system. That's something we can all celebrate! What a time to be alive!

NordicTrack S22i

A worthy contender that has a BIG BRAND feeling because of their iFIT membership that tons of people love. For those of you who don't know, iFIT is NordicTrack's programming consisting of world class instructors and classes to bring the full fitness studio experience home. The S22i is an “all-in-one” home gym, but doesn't come with everything the MYX has.

Below, you'll see a comparison chart that will show a detailed look at what's different about each bike. Let's take a look.

🆚 MYX Plus NordicTrack S22i
Price: $1,599 (discount at end of article) $1,999
Shipping: Included Included
Membership: $39/mo $29/mo
Amazing community:
Swivel screen:

The table above displayed the key differences and similarities between the two connected indoor bikes. By now, you should be that much closer to deciding which one is the perfect match for you. Based on what we all currently know about these fitness products, let's get our cycling shorts on and start peddling to see which one you'll like best (HEAD TO HEAD)!

Bike Specifications and Quality

MYX Fitness offers two bike options. “THE MYX ii” is USD $1,399 and “THE MYX ii PLUS” is USD $1,599. The NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle is USD $1,999. MYX Fitness and NordicTrack both offer financing with monthly payment options ranging from $42/month to $57/month.

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According to the MYX Fitness and NordicTrack websites, the bikes have similar dimensions:

  • On-floor footprint: 3'4″ L x 1'7″ W for MYX and 4'5″ L x 2'4″ W for NordicTrack S22i.
  • Dimensions: 54″ L x 21″ W x 47″ H for the MYX and MYX PLUS and 55.0″ L x 21.9″ W x 56.9″ H for the NordicTrack S22i.
  • Swivel HD Screen: 21.5″ for the MYX bikes and 22″ for NordicTrack S22i.
  • Rider Height Range for both bikes: 4′ 11″ – 6′ 8″
  • Rider Weight Range for both bikes: Up to 350 LBS.
  • Bike Weight: 134 lbs for MYX and 202 lbs for NordicTrack S22i.

All three bikes are made with high quality materials. Therefore, they are sturdy and solidly built. The differences between them are reasonably minimal.

Finally, there are a handful of accessories to choose from:

  • Hand weight dumbbells (The MYX Plus bike offers three sets of dumbbells and a kettle ball, while NordicTrack includes Two 3 Lb. dumbbells)
  • Floor mat (looks and feels like a yoga mat, branded accordingly, and intended to be placed on the floor under your bike. MYX offers this, NordicTrack doesn't)
  • Bluetooth connectivity for your earphones
  • Water bottle holder

Side note: I purchased Apple AirPods Pro to use specifically with my MYX bike. I cannot speak to NordicTrack's connectivity, but it appears that apple is also the go to earphone of choice that's compatible. I do, however, recommend steering clear of Beats products with these bikes.

User Interface and user experience

On MYX, the home screen starts with a list of classes, highlighting your favorite instructors and types of workouts you're interested in. Once you complete a ride, you're now in the data-driven results world offered by MYX. They call it “your initial MYX Assessment.” Once this algorithm has your data, they can provide the best training that suits your personal needs.

MYX Fitness focuses primarily on holistic health. They have a variety of training (or coaching) to choose from where it's sole focus is on three beliefs in improving your…

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Life

I'll discuss more on this later when we get into the class format and experience section.

The volume control is easy to navigate and the music selection consists of Hip Hop, Total 80's, Top 40, Today's Country, Pop2K, and more. The heart rate zone system is displayed on the left portion of the screen, which tracks your heart rate. MYX developed this system and has a patent for it (in other words, it's legit).

On NordicTrack S22i, the home screen also starts with a list of classes. I guess MYX and NordicTrack got this from the king because it's very similar.

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Class format and experience

The format of the classes differs wildly between MYX and NordicTrack, and that is the crux of the comparison between the two. Both spin classes are very different to say the least. There are a lot of nuances to cover, and that nuance will likely drive your purchase decision, so let's buckle down and get into it.

Music licensing

Unlike in-studio spin classes, online classes have very different legal requirements for music. It's a very delicate situation that the king's recent lawsuit spelled out for the other connected home bike brands.

As I previously mentioned, MYX has a wide variety of music genres that are integrated with the class that you choose. It's really important to know that you cannot choose your own music on any connected smart bike. If you want to hear your instructor coach you through you spinning class, then you would't want to play your own music. I do understand that background music is nice while you ride.

NordicTrack also uses the music from the classes you take. The music can vary from pop, country, hip hop and house. It's more of “PUMP UP” music to get you locked in and fired up to get a great workout it.

Spinning Classes

MYX Fitness is extremely clear on how they approach helping their riders, and that is a holistic approach to fitness focusing on three things – MIND, BODY, LIFE. After you take your initial MYX Assessment, their algorithm uses that data to whip up the training you need. They have specific training to help each one of these aspects they believe in for an all-around fitness / health experience.

NordicTrack is very similar to the king, but different than MYX. The NordicTrack S22i uses iFIT membership, which is part of NordicTrack's fitness coaching, training and classes. This includes their ever-so-popular spin cycling classes. You can expect HIGH intensity workouts where the instructors push you so hard that you will easily get a great workout in every single ride.

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Community and support

One thing is for certain with smart connected home gym equipment, and that is the community and support within the brand you choose. We ALL know that the king brand offers one of the most prominent communities known to man in the exercise space. People come together like no other to support one another and reach goals as a collective group. Could any other brand replicate something similar?

I will speak about MYX first, as I have the bike and membership. It's also important to note that I have been using “the king” for over a year with my treadmill, on runs, and on my mountain bike rides. The programming is astonishing to say the least. However, I can say with 100% conviction that MYX Fitness HAS IT GOING ON! They have that “IT” FACTOR! Without question, it has been an amazing experience that is different than the NordicTrack, but I like it better.

As far as NordicTrack, you'll get something very similar to the king, but not even close to MYX. I've said this before and many of you would agree with me – I believe that the king is in a league of their own. I also believe that MYX is getting to that level. My last comment on community and support – NordicTrack is TRYING TO BE LIKE THE KING, and now they are starting to take ideas from MYX Fitness. I sniffed this out early when I was looking for an exercise bike. All it tells me is that they STILL don't have an identity.

NordicTrack S22i is a great bike, I'm not saying that it isn't. However, I don't believe they are authentic. There are plenty of spinners out there that will tell you MYX couldn't touch “the king” with an 8 foot pole. But, I'll say this – at least they are true to who they are and they aren't trying to be like them. In my experience MYX is comparable to “the king” of bikes because they are unique in their own way. Can't say that about NordicTrack (it is what it is).

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Which Connected Bike is Right For You? NordicTrack S22i or MYX Fitness?

That was a really fun article to write, especially considering I LOVE both brands AND I actually own one of these machines. Remember I said that one of these nuances is going to be the driving force behind your purchase? Which one do you think is yours?

Mine was a unique approach to fitness, and that's why I resonated with the MYX bike. I totally understand that may not be for everyone. But, the only thing that matters is what resonates with YOU.

So, like most smart gym equipment, it all comes down to preference and your personal workout style.

Do you like true spinning classes that get you juiced up? If so, you should choose the NordicTrack S22i.

Or, do you like a personal approach to fitness that is tailored to your specific goals and focuses on mind, body and life? Then you should go with MYX Fitness all they way.

The choice is yours and I hope I helped you reach a decision. Whatever you decided on, let us know in the comments so others can benefit from your choice!

coupon code for MYX fitness bike FREE SHIPPING ($250 Value)
Up to $250 Off | Free Shipping ($250 value) | What a time to be alive with connected home fitness and the best price for MYX Fitness Bike NOW!

The S22i and their iFIT programming is special, click the button below to get the best price:

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