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MYX II Beachbody Bike: Review by a Personal Trainer

Welcome to my MYX II Fitness Beachbody bike review, you're in for a real treat here!

If you’re in the market for a home spin bike, then you’re already aware that you have a lot of options.

One name that you may have heard in the mix is MYX (see what I did there?). MYX Fitness blew onto the connected home spin bike scene in 2020, marketed as a budget-friendly all-in-one workout solution, and it hasn’t slowed down yet.

But does MYX Fitness live up to the hype? Is this brand really redefining home fitness? I bought the MYX system for myself and am ready to spill the beans on everything you need to know as well as give you my two cents on whether or not the hype is real.

myx fitness bike review

Quick Summary of MYX II Beachbody Bike Review

As you probably already heard, Beachbody and MYX Fitness merged together to create the company BODi.

So, what? What's so exciting about that?

A new spin bike was born!

That's right, the MYX II with Beachbody coaches and programming. This means if you're a die-hard Beachbody user, you'll have access to all the workouts, but with the on, and off-bike workouts specifically designed around the MYX II bike fitness system.

The MYX II Fitness system includes a premium spin bike, a brilliant 22.5” HD swivel screen, and a platform that features all the content (BODI, OPENFIT, and MYX) you need to fuel your mind, body, and soul. From hard, exhaustive workouts to guided meditations, this fitness brand has all your wellness needs covered.




TLDR: Is the Beachbody MYX II Bike Worth It?

The MYX II exercise bike powered by Beachbody workouts is 100% #worthit if you're looking for on and off-bike cross training workouts. Beachbody has already proved themselves to be one of the digital at-home workout leaders in the industry. Now that they have a proven spin bike leader in MYX Fitness, there's no doubt that BODi (Beachbody + MYX Fitness merger) and the MYX II Bike will be as good as, if not better, than Peloton.

What Is the Bachbody Bike? (AKA MYX II)

At the risk of sounding redundant, it bears repeating that there are a lot of home spin bike options out there. And it seems like there’s one brand (cough, cough, Peloton) that reigns over all the land and then many others who are battling it out to compete with them. But the beachbody + MYX combo is different.

Yes, the brand is competing with the top dogs, but its bike, programming, and overall approach to fitness and wellness are completely different than anything else out there. That’s by design, by the way. MYX's brand sets itself apart from the pack by offering customers a holistic approach to fitness and a comprehensive fitness platform that aims to cover all your wellness needs.

MYX Fitness is so much more than just a spin bike, it’s a complete fitness solution, offering as much for your mind as it does for your body. What the heck is holistic fitness you ask? It’s a direct approach to maintaining your mental, physical, and spiritual fitness. It’s a commitment to developing more than just your physical body, it’s nourishing the mind and soul for a fulfilled, well-balanced life.

This balanced approach to wellness and physical fitness makes the MYX fitness bike the most comprehensive fitness platform on the market right now.

Founded in 2017, MYX Fitness is an interactive fitness platform that allows users to stream on-demand workouts, including a broad mixture of cross-training workouts. The system uses its specialized approach to fitness which includes an efficient cross-training methodology that incorporates cardio, resistance training, and recovery into every workout.

First, let's cover the specs to help you envision how this machine is going to look in your home:

specs and footprint








Bike Weight:

134 lbs

Buy Now:

the myx fitness system

What is the MYX Fitness + Beachbody System?

There are two parts you need to know:

  1. Top-of-the-line equipment from innovative health, fitness, and wellness brands.
  2. A scientifically proven approach to fitness that combines cardio, cross-training, and recovery for an effective, well-balanced lifestyle.

When you purchase the MYX Fitness / Beachbody system, you’re getting world-class training and equipment that’s tailored to your needs and built to last. There are so many fitness tools and equipment options out there that do just one or the other - i.e. a brand that simply sells a piece of equipment without the training piece or one that provides the workouts but not the tools to complete them. This wellness brand has you covered with their complete home fitness solution.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about the MYX ii beachbody fitness bike, though, is the price tag. It’s everything you need at a price you can afford. Folks who are looking to equip themselves with a home gym setup are getting the whole shebang.

Two Packages to Choose From

When choosing a MYX fitness bike, customers have two options; the MYX or the MYX Plus. The only difference between these two packages is that the Plus includes additional equipment, including weights. Take a look at the chart below to see what’s included with each package:

  • Total fitness system for body and mind
  • Interactive touchscreen tablet (21.5”)
  • Stationary Star Trac Bike
  • Stabilizing Mat
  • Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Motivating world-class coaches on demand
  • MYX Membership (separate at $29/mo + tax)
  • Hundreds of workouts with new sessions added weekly
  • Total fitness system for body and mind
  • Interactive touchscreen tablet (21.5”)
  • Stationary Star Trac Bike
  • Stabilizing Mat
  • Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Motivating world-class coaches on demand
  • MYX Membership (separate at $29/mo + tax)
  • Hundreds of workouts with new sessions added weekly
  • 6-piece weight set with kettlebell (weight rack not included)
  • Oversized exercise mat (48” x 72”)
  • EVA foam roller (24”)
  • Resistance band

How Big Is The Screen?

A budget spin bike that includes a screen?! I know your ears perked up at that just like mine did. In a connected world, we need our screens. And let’s face it, streaming content from your minuscule iPhone screen isn’t the best experience. I mean, if I have to squint to see the clock ticking down (don’t judge, spinning is hard!), then I’m surely not living my best life.

30 minute rhythm ride on big hd screen

Luckily, the MYX exercise bike includes a beautiful 21.5” screen on every one of their bikes. The bold touch screen makes it so easy to navigate the interface. From finding the right workout, controlling the volume (which includes separate controls for the instructor’s voice and music, BTW), pausing your workout, connecting your HR’s all so easy to do.

huge HD swivel screen

With such a big screen, it’s easy to immerse yourself in the experience. I don’t know about you, but I’m most motivated when I feel like the coach is talking right to me, pushing me to be my best. And you can’t get any more up close and personal than having a giant screen right in front of your face.

If you’re wondering how MYX’s screen compares to Peloton, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s almost the exact same size. But we’ll get more into the MYX fitness bike vs Peloton debate later, so stick around for that.

What are the workouts like?

With beachbody and the openfit app entering the "myx," there's no question everyone wants to know about the workouts. It’s not as simple as saying something like “the cycling workouts are great, I really work up a sweat!” While that statement is true, there’s so much more there to tell you about the MYX fitness workouts because they go deeper than the average.

As I mentioned before, they offer total body health and fitness. So while the core of their workouts is centered around the bike (obviously), there are tons of other workouts, stretches, meditations, and other media to enjoy, too.

But since you’re considering a very hyped-up spin bike, you probably want to know how the spin classes are. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or you’ve yet to try this type of workout, I think there’s something for everyone inside the platform.

Want to push your limits in an excruciating HIIT class? Feel like taking it easy and cruising through a recovery ride? You’ll find what you’re looking for. Although, full disclosure, I say “cruise through” a ride lightly because, as a novice spinner, every single class kicks my butt. For those of you who have been at this while, when does it get easier?

Anyway, I digress. The point is that all the workouts are tailored to your needs. You want hard, you get hard. You want easy-breezy, they’ve got ya covered there, too. All workouts are instructor-led and pre-recorded (no live classes yet, but maybe in the future?). There are ample classes to choose from, varying in length, difficulty, instructor, and modalities.

All classes are personalized as they are based on your unique heart rate zones. That’s right, you’ll be given your unique heart rate zones (based on your calibration ride and their heart rate zone training system), and every class will be guided by your instructor to reach your unique targets.

New Cadence and Resistance Tracking

This is one of the major upgrades from myx to myx ii (besides adding openfit and beachbody BODI). People are going nuts over the fact that the cadence and resistance tracking is finally here. It's something we can all be proud of because that was one of the biggest knocks with myx being compared to peloton. Those days are long gone!

Other Features

Aside from their use of personalized heart rate zones, here are a few other things that set the MYX ii beachbody bike apart from the cycling pack:

National News (MYX Media)

Get up to date on the latest news and stories while you crush your workout.

Toggle between apps

MYX App, Openfit, BODI - you can toggle between all of them and it's pretty simple.

Scenic rides

Sometimes, we need a change of scenery and that’s exactly what you get with MYX’s scenic rides. Explore parts of the world you never thought possible while also working up a sweat and energizing your body.


For as hard as we push, we need to counter that with some relaxation and clarity. MYX meditations teach you how to relax the right way, preparing your mind and body for what’s next.

Comparison to Alternatives

You’ve heard the hype, you like what you see, but the question still remains; how does the MYX fitness bike match up to the competition? Well, let’s take a look!

Spin Bike













Echelon EX5




NordicTrack S22i




Schwinn IC4




Peloton vs MYX II: Which is better?

The battle between Peloton and the MYX fitness bike is perhaps the most epic one in the fitness industry today, but most definitely in the cycling space. The question that everyone is asking is “is the MYX fitness bike as good as Peloton?” Allow me to answer this for you, since that's what we specialize in here at Fitness Training Star!

Yes, the MYX fitness bike is as good as Peloton, perhaps even better. Peloton is an amazing brand that has put cycling into the homes of millions, but the programming isn’t for everyone. Serious cyclists and those who previously frequented cycling studios love the high energy and intensity of Peloton’s classes. And with instructors that have become household names, it’s easy to see the appeal. However, there is a whole (perhaps larger) demographic of people that doesn’t resonate with that type of intensity and hype.

The MYX exercise bike, on the other hand, caters to the larger demographic of people that are looking for a holistic approach to fitness. One that’s designed to meet their unique needs exactly where they’re at. MYX’s heart rate training zones are a far superior method of tracking to using arbitrary numbers (cadence and resistance) that simply do not work for a large portion of the population.

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When it comes to the comparison of the actual bikes that each brand offers, there are few differences. Both Pelotion and the MYX fitness bike offer high-quality spin bikes with attached HD touchscreens. MYX’s screen swivels, but to experience the same on Peloton, you need to upgrade to the Peloton +. Peloton uses magnetic resistance and the MYX fitness bike uses friction resistance, which can cause some differences in the fluidity of motion for those who are serious cyclists.

To wrap this comparison up, the MYX fitness bike packs a powerful punch at a price that makes a lot more sense for most folk’s budgets. However, Peloton die-hards and experienced cyclists may find that the extra cost to go for the Peloton is well worth it.

Echelon vs MYX: Which option is best?

Echelon is a well-known brand in the fitness equipment industry, making them a worthy competitor for this newcomer. The Echelon lineup of home spin bikes includes several options, but perhaps the most comparable to the MYX fitness bike is their EX5-s model.

Similar to MYX, Echelon offers a complete suite of workouts, which means that you can use their programming as your main and only fitness source. One thing that Echelon has that MYX doesn’t is Mario Lopez on the training team, so I know all my AC Slater fans will be seriously contemplating going with Echelon.

All joking aside, Echelon makes a great bike, their programming is so-so (a little vanilla for my taste), and the price for their EX5-s is about $300-$400 more than the MYX fitness bike. In my opinion, the MYX fitness bike wins this battle, unless you’re hyped up about being coached by Mario Lopez, then by all means go with Echelon.

NordicTrack vs MYX: Who triumphs?

NordicTrack is another brand that has a great track record when it comes to quality and time in the industry; this brand has been in the game for some time now. The NordicTrack S22i is a serious contender when choosing a spin bike for your home cycling studio.

When compared to the MYX fitness bike, you’ll see that NordicTrack offers a few additional features on their bikes like live incline control and a flex frame that allows for simulation of a real bike. But that extra technology comes at a cost, ringing up at $1,999 vs MYX’s $1,399.

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As far as programming goes, NordicTrack uses iFit, a popular training platform that has tons of workouts across all modalities. The cycling workouts on iFit are going to feel similar to those that you’d get with Peloton - high energy but not tailored to your unique needs and abilities.

Schwinn IC4 vs MYX: Who takes the cake?

Schwinn is a well-known cycling company, and their IC4 is a great option for those looking for a spin bike for their home without breaking the bank. However, the IC4 does not include a screen nor does it have dedicated programming, the premise of this bike is that you get the option to stream whatever you want because you’ll be using your own device.

When compared to MYX, the IC4 pales in comparison because it’s nothing more than a bike (albeit a high-quality bike). And while you can save yourself a few hundred bucks by going for Schwinn’s budget bike, you still have to keep in mind that you’ll need to supply your own screen (phone or tablet) and purchase a spinning app like Peloton or Zwift to get the full at-home cycling experience.

If you’re looking only for a bare-bones spin bike and don’t care about anything flashy, then you’ll love the Schwinn IC4 because it’s durable, has 100 levels of resistance, and is easy on the wallet. That said, for those looking for the whole experience, the MYX fitness bike is the best option.

Real Ratings and Reviews

Thanks to some very innovative marketing and strategic partnerships, you don’t have to dig too hard to find MYX fitness bike customer reviews on the internet. Although MYX is still a relatively new brand, they’ve already made a giant statement since spinning their way into the market just last year. Take a look at some customer testimonials to see what real costumes are saying about the MYX Fitness system:

Brian T.

"My strength training has improved thanks to the class library of off-bike training programs. I also love the heart rate monitoring and this is better than going to my local gym. "

Layla M.

"I get expert coaching and I love my MYX workout bike. For the sticker price, it's a win-win."

Melissa G.

"There are so many training programs and features on this fitness bike, it's unreal. I love the recovery rides, as I'm seeing results with workout routines I never thought possible."

Kris R.

"I'm a huge fan of the app over other fitness bikes. It provides something different, like the floor class. I am reaching my fitness goals faster than expected. There are great pricing options, so its affordable too."

Smart Exercise Bikes 2.0: Why Now Is a Great Time to Invest

It almost goes without saying that the home fitness industry is hot right now. In fact, the home gym equipment market is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 8.5% during the period 2019−2025. And the biggest growth is expected to happen in the cardio equipment category i.e. spin bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, etc. Why? Because cardio is the most common and convenient form of exercise to do from home PLUS it’s smarter and better than it’s ever been before.

We’ve all had at least one piece of cardio equipment or machine collecting dust somewhere in our home before, right? I get it. You bought the thing with the best of intentions, but when you realized how boring and unmotivating it was, you gave up. So why should you think that things will be any different nowadays?

Better At-Home Workouts?

How do you get better workouts from home without using 5 different fitness machines and spending an overwhelming amount of time? The solution can be as simple as a smart spin bike.

Smart Bikes!

Well, for starters, gym equipment is smart now meaning it’s connected to the wonderful world wide web which means that the possibilities are endless. That boring run on the treadmill can now be a fully immersive experience that has you competing with others, striving for a PR, or sprinting through a tropical jungle. Boredom is no longer an excuse (sorry, folks).

Add a screen and an internet connection to a piece of fitness equipment and you’ve transformed the experience into one that’s actually worth experiencing. Now, there’s connection, personalization, tracking, progression, and so much more.

But the best and most important aspect of smart, connected spin bikes like the MYX ii fitness bike is that the classes are FUN which means that you will actually want to do them. When you’re excited about working out (which you should always be!), you’re so much more likely to stick with it and continue to make progress towards your goals. To me, that’s the biggest gift connected fitness has to offer.

choose spin bike

Connected Home Spin Bike Buying Guide (How to choose one)

Ok, ok, you’re already convinced that you need a home spin bike and you’re ready to pull the trigger on one, but first, consider the following:


What kind of goals are you working towards? What do you hope to achieve from the bike you choose? Take a look at what each bike offers as far as workouts and content, finding one that aligns with your personality, goals, and preferences.

Motivation style

What motivates you? Do you like to see a leaderboard lit up with competitors? Do you prefer to watch as your heart rate rises to the occasion, reaching new personal bests? What kind of instruction inspires you the most? One-on-one coaching or group fitness hype?


How much can you afford? Sometimes the higher price tag is only an indication of the brand’s name, not the quality of the bike. Keep that in mind as you review your options.


Do you want your bike to provide you with a full workout experience, an all-in-one home gym? Do you need weights? Would you like access to special programming like scenic rides and meditations? Think about everything you’d like to get out of your bike so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Positive reviews

Who buys anything these days without looking up the reviews first? It’s always wise to dig in and do your due diligence before making a buying decision as big as a connected fitness bike. Find out what other users are saying about the bikes that you’re considering and be your own best judge.

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Final Verdict: Is the MYX II Beachbody Bike Worth It?

Before I wrap this beachbody MYX ii bike review up, I wanted to answer a common question, "is the myx ii bike worth it?" The answer is yes, for those looking for a versatile spin bike similar to peloton (if not better than), with amazing spin classes, off-bike workouts and cadence and resistance tracking at nearly half the price tag, then yes - the myx ii beachbody bike is 100% worth it.

By now, you’re armed with all the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether the MYX Fitness bike is a smart investment for you. You know what it is, who it's for, how it works, and how MYX matches up to the fierce competition out there. So now, while the ball is in your court, I want to leave you with a few thoughts as you make your decision.

Yes, MYX Fitness and their exercise bike has been cleverly hyped up over the last year. Based on my research as well as my personal experience with the bike (which I purchased in late 2020), I have to confess that the MYX Fitness bike does indeed live up to the hype. In other words, the hype is real folks.

It’s a great bike, an amazing, scientifically proven training system, and it’s here to stay. In fact, based on the news released earlier this year regarding the merger of MYX and the mega-successful streaming workout brand, Beachbody, I’d say that MYX Fitness is only going to get better and better. If you want my two cents, I say jump on the bandwagon now, you won’t be disappointed!

Think it's a good fit to get you in shape?

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