Peloton bike versus MYX fitness budget bike

MYX II vs Peloton Bike: Which Spin Bike Is Better?

It’s no secret that connected home spin bikes have been a major trend this year. It seems like everywhere you look you’re seeing ads for the latest bike or program offering. So much so that it can be difficult to decide which one is the best choice for you.

We all know that Peloton is the reigning king of home spinning, with 3.1 million members and climbing rapidly (up 113% from last year!). But what we also know is that the Peloton Experience comes with the Peloton price tag. And even though the brand lowered the price of their original Bike, it’s still a decently large investment.

That’s where “budget bikes” like MYX II enter the scene. MYX Fitness provides a very similar product and experience, but at a much lower price. So the question becomes, can this budget bike compete with the almighty Peloton bike?

In this article, I’m going to dissect this for you, breaking down my comparison based on the following criteria:

So let’s dive into the details to see if MYX Fitness can hold its own against Peloton. But before we do, let’s first address why you might be interested in purchasing an indoor spin bike for your home and what benefits you’ll reap from doing so.

Benefits of Indoor Cycling

It’s common knowledge that cardiovascular exercise, like cycling, is wonderful for your health. But what specific benefits do indoor cycling offer?

According to a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, indoor cycling may improve aerobic capacity, blood pressure, lipid profile, as well as your body composition.

Additionally, indoor spinning helps:

  • Burns calories
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Improves mood by releasing endorphins
  • Serves as a vehicle for connecting users with a community
  • Is low-impact and generally considered safe for most users

The bottom line is that indoor cycling is a wonderful way to get your body moving and your heart pumping. Couple that with the fact that these two bikes are connected, smart bikes with all the latest technology and features and you’re looking at a well-rounded workout experience that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Next, let’s compare these two bikes based on the criteria listed above, analyzing the most important aspects of each cycle.

Comparison Table Matchup: Peloton Vs. MYX II Fitness Bike (Beachbody Bike)

If you’ve made it this far in the decision-making process, then you already know how beneficial an indoor bike can be. You also know that you want to get the best experience possible without needing to break the bank to do so.

Next, we’ll break down MYX and Peloton so that you get a clearer picture of what each fitness brand has to offer. Here's a cool comparison table that I put together for everyone out there to get a good visual!

Peloton vs MYX Fitness BikePelotonMYX II
Starting Price$1,895$1,399
Resistance TypeMagneticFriction
Cadence Tracking✔️✔️
Live Classes✔️
On-Demand Classes✔️✔️
Off-Bike Workouts✔️✔️
Spin Classes✔️✔️
News Channel✔️
Connect Other Apps
Bluetooth for Headphones✔️✔️
Real Music✔️
Partnered with Beachbody✔️
Swivel Screen❌ (not with original)✔️
Bike Weight125 lbs134 lbs
User Bike Weight Capacity305 lbs350 lbs
Where to

Key Features and Tech Comparison

I love to begin with the exciting stuff, aka the features and technology that make these bikes “smart” and that give us the thrilling experience we’re all seeking. Indoor cycling from home is nothing like it used to be. Gone are the days of boring monotony!

Peloton Bike Features and Technology

the mecca of all exercise bikes - the peloton
Source: OnePeloton

You know the name, but do you know what makes it so special and one of the most sought-after bikes on the market? For starters, the machine is built to be so much more than just a piece of fitness equipment – It’s an experience! Here are some of the top features of the Peloton Bike:

  • It’s compact and sleek – The Bike is all black with minimal red detailing giving it a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look. It’s compact enough to fit in just about anywhere in your home without being overly obtrusive.
  • You can adjust it so that it’s perfectly comfortable for you – There are a number of ways that you can customize the fit of your bike, including adjusting the seat, handlebar, and screen for an optimized ride. Peloton allows you to feel secure, supported, and comfortable all ride long.
  • You won’t hear it – The bike nearly silent when in operation thanks to the belt drive that makes it possible to get your workout in at any hour of the day without risk of waking anyone.
  • Connectivity – With Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your headphone, smartwatch, heart rate monitor, etc. so that you can have all your gear operating together.
  • 22” touchscreen display – Feel as though you’re up close and personal with your instructor thanks to the 22” HD screen that’s positioned front and center. It’s easy to control with the click of a button.

MYX II Fitness Beachbody Bike Features and Technology

myx compares nicely to the peloton
Source: MYX Fitness
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Now onto the MYX II Bike. You’ll instantly see that there are many similarities in the tech and features of this bike when compared to the Peloton, as well as some additional perks.

  • 21.5” HD swivel screen – This is one of the best features of the MYX Bike, it comes standard with a 21.5” screen that swivels for optimal viewing when performing floor workouts. 
  • Versatile pedals – The pedals on this bike allow you to choose between wearing cycling shoes and using your regular athletic shoes. There’s no need to purchase anything additional when it comes to footwear.
  • Separate coach and music volume controls – Turn up the music and turn down your coach, or vice versa thanks to the dual volume control.
  • Adjustable to fit users of all sizes – You can adjust the handlebar height and depth, the seat, and the screen so that you’re always comfortable and ergonomically correct throughout the whole ride.
  • Sleek, compact, and 2 color options – Choose from white or charcoal for your bike color, both providing a sleek, elegant look that will blend into your home seamlessly.

Next, let’s compare the workout experience and programming offered by each bike.

Workout Experience Comparison

While the features and technology on both bikes feel very similar, the crux of this comparison lies in the workout experience and the programming. To say that every spin class is the same would be a gross misunderstanding. There’s a lot of nuances between these two class experiences, and that’s likely the exact reason why you’ll feel compelled to choose one bike over the other, so let’s dig in and take a look.

What to expect from Pelton Workouts?

Peloton was one of the very first fitness brands to bring home users a connected, fully immersive experience. Their secret ingredient to their mega-success is their programming, no doubt about that. They mix together a daily live class schedule with a giant library of on-demand options to bring you an experience that works for any schedule and any fitness goals. The brand is also huge into the community aspect, encouraging their users to ride together, compete with one another, and encourage each other to be the best they can be.

coupon code for MYX fitness bike FREE SHIPPING ($250 Value)
Up to $250 Off | Free Shipping ($250 value) | What a time to be alive with connected home...Show More
Up to $250 Off | Free Shipping ($250 value) | What a time to be alive with connected home fitness and the best price for MYX Fitness Bike NOW! Show Less

With millions of members and millions more projected to jump on the bandwagon in the coming years, the Peloton community is strong. The brand has a goal of reaching 100 million members in the near future, and I have no doubt that they’ll accomplish that. The community is united in the pursuit of their goals and through the camaraderie and encouragement, that’s shared between them. It’s truly inspirational.

Relatable Instructors

There are many Peloton instructors, each one with a unique personality and style that you’ll quickly be able to detect. Most users have their favorite instructors and tend to gravitate towards their classes exclusively. The instructors are easy to like and connect with because they’re all very real, sharing many personal stories and motivations all throughout their workouts.

Important highlights of Peloton workouts include:
  • Live daily class schedule with instructor call outs and high fives
  • Full on-demand library with classes of all types and times (5-60 minutes each)
  • Motivational instruction from some of the most popular instructors in the business
  • Special content themes released consistently to keep things fresh and fun

What to expect from MYX II bike workouts

MYX takes a completely different approach to their classes and programming – a much more holistic approach to fitness and overall wellness. MYX works because they combine elements that maximize your mind, body, and life. They focus less on the competition and leaderboard mindset and much more on getting in tune with your own body and competing to be the best you can be while prioritizing efficiency. They, too, have a full library of workouts, spread across a wide range of modalities. However, they don’t offer live classes. MYX wants you to incorporate fitness into your life when it makes sense for you, not according to a live class schedule.

Positive coaching

MYX’s programming is as much about developing your mind as it is exercising your body. They help their users to develop consistency around healthy behaviors so that you can make fitness a part of their daily routine. Through positive, one-on-one coaching, you’ll improve your mindset, stay motivated, and take control of your holistic wellbeing.

Heart rate zone training

The metric that MYX uses to track your workouts and optimize your results is heart rate zone training. According to science, you need to workout across a variety of intensity levels to achieve the best results. With this personalized approach to training, you will train smarter, minimizing your risk of fatigue, burnout, and injury.

Critical highlights of MYX workouts include:
  • An extensive list of cross-training programming that’s designed to keep your body guessing
  • All classes are on-demand, so you can work out on your schedule
  • Data-driven results based on your personal fitness level and custom heart rate zones
  • Positive, uplifting coaches who work with you one-on-one
  • Workouts focus on cultivating overall holistic wellness from the inside out
  • Classes that range anywhere from 10-45 minutes each
  • Access to scenic rides that take you to beautiful destinations around the world

Comparing Pricing: Which bike gives you the most bang for your buck – MYX II or Peloton?

Purchasing an indoor bike for your home gym is a pretty sizable investment for most folks, so it’s crucial that you understand the total cost associated with each bike as well as what’s included. In the battle between MYX and Peloton, there’s a relatively big pricing difference between the two.

Peloton's Pricing

The Peloton name comes with a higher price tag, plain and simple. But is it worth it? That’s a question you’ll have to ponder yourself as you navigate the buying process.

Peloton recently reduced the price of their original Bike in order to compete with budget brands like MYX, however, it still bears a hefty price tag of $1895 for the bike alone. They also now offer their Bike + which has more features and technology (like the swivel screen that already comes included on the MYX) starting at $2495.

The total cost doesn’t end there, though. You’re likely going to want to at least purchase their Essentials Package (because it's essential to the operation of the bike), and that upgrade will cost you another $150-$200 at least. Lastly, your bike isn’t any good without access to the Peloton app, which costs $39 per month. 

MYX II (2) Pricing

MYX Fitness has two packages; the MYX ii and the MYX ii Plus. The MYX ii is $1399 and includes just the bike (which already has everything you need, no need for additional accessories), the MYX ii Plus is $1599 and includes:

  • 6-piece weight set with kettlebell
  • Oversized exercise mat
  • EVA foam roller
  • Resistance band

So for just $200 more, you get a complete home gym system with everything you need to complete workouts of all types on the bike and on the floor. If you were to price out buying that equipment separately, you would be looking at a much larger investment. Lastly, similar to Peloton, the cost of a MYX membership is $39 per month which includes access to all your streaming classes and content.

Pros and Cons Comparison

Now that you’ve gotten the chance to see what each bike has to offer and what you can expect as far as programming and pricing, let’s lay it all out on the line and break down the pros and cons of each bike.

Pros of MYX II

  • It’s a complete home gym system thanks to the inclusion of equipment (Plus model) and their multitude of cross-training programs
  • The bike is sleek, compact, and comes in two beautiful color choices
  • Swivel screen comes standard and allows for optimal off-bike workouts
  • A holistic approach to wellness that incorporates the mind and body for a well-rounded wellness experience
  • Heart rate zone training that’s customized to your unique body and needs
  • Inspiring instructors who work one-on-one with you to reach your goals
  • Included heart rate monitor
  • There’s no need to purchase any additional equipment
  • Can use your regular shoes or cycling shoes
  • Consistent additions of new workouts and fresh content
  • Scenic rides that allow you to escape your current surroundings

Cons of MYX II

  • There are no live classes or leaderboards, which can be a bummer for those who like to compete and ride with others in real-time
  • The bike uses friction resistance, not magnetic, which is considered to be inferior

Pros of Peloton

  • It’s the biggest name in the fitness industry with one of the largest communities
  • Full live class schedule every day
  • The bike is sleek and compact
  • 100 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Motivating trainers that push you to be the best you can be
  • Live leaderboards that allow you to compete and connect with others during your rides
  • Tons of on-demand content in the library to choose from
  • Special programming released regularly to keep content fresh and exciting

Cons of Peloton

  • It’s pricey, even if you get the Classic Bike
  • You cannot wear regular shoes with the included pedals, you must purchase cycling shoes or compatible clips
  • The screen is fixed on the Bike, if you want a rotating screen you need to upgrade to the Bike +

Which Spin Bike Is Better: MYX II vs. Peloton?

Ok, here’s where we come right out with it and answer the question you came here to find out: “Can MYX compete with Pelton?”

The answer is that, yes, it sure can! But your experience will be different. These machines are very similar in nature, there’s no denying that. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting an amazing product that’s built to last.

However, the decision really comes down to what kind of programming and workouts will be the most motivating and fun for you? Here’s how we see it:

Who should buy the Peloton?

You’re someone who loves the rush of being in a live fitness class. Maybe you used to go to spin classes at a studio and you’re craving that connection and energy that comes from a community of people coming together to strive for common goals. If you thrive off a high energy community, you’re going to love the Peloton experience.

Go to Peloton's Official Website

Who should purchase the MYX ii beachbody bike?

You want to invest in a complete home gym system that focuses more on your personal health and wellness by taking a holistic approach as opposed to a more competitive one. If you prefer to do things on your own schedule and at your own pace, then you’re going to love MYX’s approach to fitness and wellbeing. And, let's not forget since the merger happened between MYX and Beachbody, the new MYX II bike gives you access to OPENFIT workouts, MYX workouts, and Beachbody (BODI) workouts – it's pretty special to own a myx ii right now.

The only other consideration once you’ve identified what programming style you feel most motivated by is to check in with your budget. At nearly $600 more, Peloton is a much pricier investment, however, that investment is well worth it for many people. 

On the other hand, you can get MYX’s complete system for much less and still enjoy all the benefits of having a connected fitness bike in your home, proving that this “budget” bike can indeed compete with the big dogs. In fact, MYX II offers more value and features standard than Peloton.

coupon code for MYX fitness bike FREE SHIPPING ($250 Value)
Up to $250 Off | Free Shipping ($250 value) | What a time to be alive with connected home...Show More
Up to $250 Off | Free Shipping ($250 value) | What a time to be alive with connected home fitness and the best price for MYX Fitness Bike NOW! Show Less

Go to MYX's Official Website

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