Tempo Studio (left) and the JaxJox interactive Studio (right) versus comparison

Should You Choose Tempo Home Studio or JaxJox for Your Smart Home Gym?

Are you setting up a home gym? First, congratulations on what is going to be an amazing “life addition.” Next, it's time to get serious about choosing impeccable, amazing gym equipment! You've probably already done a bit of homework on your own to try to determine the best all-in-one home gym to bring into your space.

That may be why you've narrowed down your choices to Tempo and JaxJox. It's time to work up a sweat doing an apples-to-apples comparison to see which gym will help you break more boundaries, enjoy more exercises and live your best workout life from home! Let's break down Tempo Studio versus JaxJox Interactive Studio in the battle of the smart home gyms.

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In this post, I'll compare Tempo Home Studio and JaxJox Interactive Studio across several criteria, including:

A Look at What These Two Beautiful Smart Gym Systems Have in Common

There are definitely some differences that may turn out to be make-or-break factors for you as you compare the Tempo and JaxJox. Your decision may even come down to price. We'll get to all of that in just a bit. Let's dive in by seeing how these two systems are actually pretty similar.

First, these are both powerful strength-training tools with impressive interactive features. Both Tempo and JaxJox are pretty compact for all that you're getting. Both brands recommend that you clear about five feet of space to accommodate your gym. While the two systems are nearly identical in size, the JaxJox is just a hair bigger (6.5 feet x 2.65 feet versus 6 feet x 2 feet). The JaxJox's build is also slightly bulkier. In addition to being compact enough for a home of nearly any size, both of these systems have storage space to tuck away your weights and workout gear.

Another similarity is that both feature large HD screens with live-streaming and live-tracing capabilities. While the HD screens are similar, the JaxJox can probably be seen as mildly better. At 43 inches, it's a full inch larger than the 42-inch Tempo screen. It also rotates.

You're also gaining access to a mix of expert trainers, content libraries and on-demand streaming classes with either system. In addition, both allow you to appreciate accountability features baked into their systems that are great for helping you reach your goals at a safe pace. The programming on both systems is very similar. Both offer a roster of live classes, on-demand classes, cardio, strength training and recovery. Tempo does dazzle just a little bit more with help from some specialized high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and mobility training.

Differences to Consider Between JaxJox vs Tempo


We can start with price. However, you should keep in mind that both companies will occasionally offer promo deals that can either close or widen the price difference! Don't be afraid to ask about promos if you're reaching out to either company to place an order. You may even want to mention that you're trying to decide between a Tempo and JaxJox when talking with customer service to see if they have any hidden offers up their sleeves! While an outright discount may not be on the table, you might be offered discounted membership.

The Tempo is slightly more expensive than the JaxJox. We're looking at $2,495 for the Tempo against $2,199 for the JaxJox. However, you have to go a little deeper to get a better picture as far as “lifetime” costs. What's interesting is that Tempo actually charges significantly more for membership than JaxJox. The comparison is $39 per month against $12.99 per month. That means that the $204 you're saving in initial purchasing costs is actually much smaller than the extra $312 you'll be paying each year to subscribe to JaxJox. Of course, price isn't the final determining factor if you're genuinely shopping for the best experience. Let's cover the rest of the differences between these two systems to see how it all shakes out.

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Workout Equipment Included

Tempo offers a more robust assortment of accessories. However, the high-tech aspect of the JaxJox accessory roster means that you're not getting anything shabby! With Tempo, you're getting two dumbbells (7.5 pounds), one barbell (25 pounds), six collars and 16 plates (1.5 pounds, 2.5 pounds, 5 pounds and 10 pounds). There's also a heart-rate monitor, mat and roller. It's not an exaggeration to say that this set is complete! However, JaxJox comes at you with high-tech “Kettlebell Connect” and “Dumbbell Connect” systems that adjust automatically for resistance levels. This system also includes adjustable plates and barbells. You're really choosing between “complete” and “streamlined” when deciding which system you like better.

A.I. Technology

This next category is where Tempo really has a chance to shine. Tempo employs 3D motion sensors that create a rendering of your body that is inputted into the system. This info can be used by your workout coaches to create precise workouts for your body by correcting and adjusting movements in real time. It's really the next best thing after actually working with a trainer in person! JaxJox doesn't offer anything similar.

Get a pump with the ultimate sound fx

Lastly, sound is delivered a little bit differently. With Tempo, you're getting rocked by 60-watt Bluetooth-enabled stereo speakers. JaxJox has chosen a 20-watt surround sound bar. Ultimately, both you keep in the zone nicely.

Workout classes availability and variety

We did cover that Tempo charges significantly more per month for membership that unlocks access to workout classes. The difference in price works out to $26 per month.

That said, Tempo's variety of classes and trainer options is much larger than JaxJox's. While the price may seem steep, it's pretty much guaranteed that you won't have to supplement your streaming library with any other classes the way you might if you go with JaxJox. However, you are committing to around $400 per year in streaming if you settle on Tempo.

That higher lifetime cost is offset slightly by the fact that the retail price for Tempo is a few hundred dollars lower. Next, let's cover the highlights that will make you fall in love with both of these systems to help you push your decision into the right column.

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What There Is to Like About the Tempo Home Gym

The Tempo gym system is a complete, elegant workout system that makes it easy to enjoy a wide variety of strength-training exercises from home. It really earns points for its high-tech 3D sensors that allow you to get personalized feedback during your workouts. The equipment that comes with this gym is really world-class caliber.

You're sure to enjoy the really fun, high-energy workouts that Tempo puts out. While the cost for membership is higher, you will get a complete streaming library of motivational, challenging workouts that evolve with you. Touches like rep counting, a gorgeous HD screen and personalized weight options create a smooth at-home experience that will keep you motivated, inspired and coming back for more!

both colors of the Tempo Studio home gym to choose from
You can choose between two colors when purchasing the Tempo Studio – Black (left) and White (right).
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What There Is to Like About the JaxJox Home Gym

JaxJox could be a better option if you're really into the idea of upgrading to a “smart” home gym. JaxJox is already pretty respected for its smart kettlebells. Merging smart gym equipment with a full gym is a genius move that is already changing the concept of the home gym forever.

The tilting feature on JaxJox's HD screen is really a triumph. While simple, this feature is a big deal if you tend to do a lot of floor or “off-machine” exercises. Overall, the workouts offered by JaxJox offer a really nice balance with a slight slant toward strength-training workouts. While not as robust as Tempo's workout library, JaxJox's streaming options are still very impressive. You're also going to be saving $26 per month by signing up with JaxJox instead of Tempo.

Final Thoughts on Deciding Between Tempo and JaxJox

It's time to get down to some real talk! Both of these machines are beautiful, elegant and effective. The fact of the matter is that the Tempo is probably a better fit for someone using an all-in-one home gym for the first time. This is the case because it's simply a more “mainstream” option that comes with a huge variety of equipment.

By contrast, the JaxJox could be a little intimidating for home-gym beginners due to the fact that it features high-tech tools that present more of a learning curve. The “smart” kettlebells and dumbbells may be hard to get into if you're just learning form. This makes the JaxJox an ideal option for someone who is looking to upgrade to a more sophisticated gym after already being comfortable with using a home gym. The JaxJox is also a bit bulkier than the Tempo. That means that making space for it in your home really does take a bigger commitment.

The final verdict is that the Tempo is a better choice if you're looking for a no-nonsense, highly immersive gym that will allow you to get right into things with zero learning curve. The JaxJox is a better choice if you're ready to upgrade to a smart gym. It's really impossible to be disappointed by either of these gorgeous, high-tech specimens that will knock your socks off in terms of technology and performance!

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