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Tempo Review: Is this home gym studio a strong contender for best mirror gym?

This last year has been a doozy for everyone. But for those who were gym-goers, there was an added layer of loss in the equation. As someone who used to thrive on going to the gym every day, making use of all the equipment, and benefiting from the social aspect, I certainly wasn’t exempt from those feelings.

And it’s no secret that physical and mental health are intertwined. With all the uncertainty, worries, and anxieties about the virus itself coupled with an inability to find reprieve in normal outlets like going to the gym and spending time with friends, many people have started to experience elevated adverse mental health conditions. According to the CDC, 40% of US adults reported struggling with mental health, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation. In that same study, it was cited that the incidence of anxiety was up 3 times and depression 4 times the year before.

However, there is a silver lining; more and more people are discovering that working out from home can be just as effective as going to the gym and much more convenient, too. Additionally, fitness companies have really stepped their game up, releasing connected home fitness equipment designed to shake up the fitness industry as we once knew it. When you can’t go to the gym, you bring the gym home. Smart home gyms not only allow you to work out from home but also to connect with a community and train alongside others, addressing both the physical and social needs that we all crave so much right now.

In this article, we’re going to be taking an up-close look at one of the most popular smart home gyms in the industry right now: the Tempo Studio. This all-in-one studio was released earlier this year and its popularity has since skyrocketed, still making headlines and best lists all over the place. So let’s take a deep dive into this product and answer the number one question folks are asking: is this smart gym worth it?

dumbbell workout with tempo to see if it's worth it
Using Tempo home gym's dumbbells during a 30 minute weightlifting class.
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What you'll discover in this buying guide review article:

What is Tempo Home Gym?

The Tempo Home Gym (from is the first and only home fitness studio to use 3D sensors and AI technology to analyze users’ form and provide real-time feedback, including form cues, rep counting, and weight recommendations. The entire system is built around resistance-based strength training, with 115 lbs. Olympic-grade weight set included with every purchase. Some have affectionately referred to Tempo as the Peloton of barbells, which if you understand the cult-like popularity of Peloton, then you’ll know the Impact this machine is having on the market.

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branded logo of Tempo Studio AKA
Source: Tempo.Fit

It was only back in February 2020 that Tempo’s studio announced its pre-orders. Since then, things have escalated quickly. A recent press release from Business Wire announced that Tempo raised 60M in new funding, making them the largest Series B of any smart fitness company to date. Additionally, their sales were up nearly 500% and on track to continue to grow.

Equipped with a 42” HD touchscreen and a library full of live and on-demand classes, users are able to tune into a variety of classes that focus on different groups of body parts. Professional instructors lead you through the entire experience in a one-on-one setting, giving you the feeling of having a personal training standing right in front of you. While it may not exactly replicate the experience of being inside a gym or fitness studio, it certainly is enough to keep you engaged, focused, and motivated throughout the entire class.

using the Tempo studio HD touchscreen
A woman uses Tempo's High-Definition Touchscreen
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But Tempo’s number one claim to fame and the reason why it’s made such an impact on the fitness industry is its use of AI, which allows the instructors to “see” users working out in real-time, allowing them to correct your form and make sure you’re performing movements correctly and efficiently. Sound creepy? Don’t worry, the studio uses 3D technology to create a digital rendering of your body. What the instructors see is a pixelated skeletal outline of your body, which is plenty enough to show them how your body is moving and be able to correct any cases of improper form.

Tempo's Footprint, Size, Specs and Details Chart (and image):

FootprintSpecs & Details
Complete footprint:6′ Height, 2'2″ Width, 1'4″ Depth, 100lbs Weight
Space Needed:Tempo recommends you'll need 8 ft clear in front of it.
Display:42″ HD Touchscreen
Monitor Sensor:3D time of flight
Tech:10th gen i5 processor
Frame:High tensile aluminum
Audio:60 watt Bluetooth speakers
Internet:FAST. 2.4 Ghz, 5Ghz Wifi plus Ethernet port
Visit Official Website for More Information
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Tempo's sizing guide and footprint
Tempo is 6 FT Tall, 2 FT 2 IN wide, 1 FT 4 IN deep. The company recommends you have 8 FT in clear space in front of it.

What can you expect when using Tempo’s smart home gym?

You can expect to experience a personalized weight training session that takes all of the guesswork out of lifting weights. For anyone that has ever walked into a gym and felt intimidated by the weights section because they didn’t know what to do and/or where to start, you’re going to love the simplicity, convenience, and clear direction that this system provides for you.

With a full weight set that adjusts from 7.5 – 100 lbs, Tempo is designed for lifters at all levels, from novice to advanced. So whether you’re just beginning your weight training journey and require a lot of guidance (been there!), or you’ve been throwing around barbells and dumbbells for years now, you’ll find that Tempo’s system provides the precise routine you need to help you accomplish your goals. It's like we always say here at Fitness Training Star – “TRAIN HARD!”

All of the equipment is neatly stored within the system, both underneath the HD screen in the included cabinet and on the back of the unit. Included in your purchase is:

  • Plates (4x 10 lb, 4x 5lbs, 4x 2.5 lbs, 4x 1.25 lbs)
  • 6x collars,
  • 25 lb barbell,
  • 2x 7.5 lb dumbbells
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Workout mat
  • Recovery roller
Olympic weight set and gym equipment included with Tempo purchase
Included with your Tempo purchase are: Olympic plates (4 of each), Collars (6) Recovery Roller (1) 25lb Barbell, (1) 7.5lb Barbell (2), Workout Mat (1), Heart Rate Monitor (1)

How to get started:

When not in use, Tempo gives a sleek, sophisticated look to any room. To get started with a workout, you’ll simply unpack everything you’ll need for class. This system is so easy to integrate into any room in your home, bridging the gap between traditional clunky home gym equipment and your home’s aesthetics.

Choosing a workout is simple and convenient. The interactive touchscreen makes it a breeze to pull up the library of live and on-demand class options. You can navigate the interface, filtering, and searching for the exact workout that you need/want that day. Short on time? Choose a shorter class. Want to participate in a curated program that eliminates any decision fatigue on your end? They’ve got you covered there, too.

Once your class begins, your instructor will walk you through the whole thing (remember, no guesswork!). For those who are beginners in strength training, this is perhaps the easiest, most efficient way to get introduced to lifting and to do so with proper form. So even if this is your first time holding a dumbbell, follow along and you’ll soon have the confidence and strength you’ve always wanted, but maybe felt too intimidated to pursue.

What’s it like working out with AI?

At first, you might feel a bit intimidated by this looming machine and its promise to watch you and correct your form, but rest assured that the experience is much more cool than creepy.

When getting started, you’ll be walked through an initial computer-vision fitness assessment that will help you and the studio to understand your unique strength and flexibility levels as a baseline for your exercises. Using your goals and data collected, Tempo creates a customized progressive fitness program that gets a little tougher with every workout. And for all you overachievers, it’ll actually prevent you from skipping classes in your progression to prevent you from straining or injuring yourself.

After the initial assessment and plan creation, your workouts will begin with comprehensive tutorials that will teach you how to do each exercise properly and safely. So for example, a very common exercise mistake is to lean forward when squatting, pushing your knees over your toes. If this happens, Tempo will pick up on that, ding you with some real-time feedback that will tell you to keep your knees behind your toes and your back and chest up. Then, once you’ve corrected your form, the system will indicate that you’ve done so properly by providing you with a green light. 

This is the difference between watching a traditional workout video where you’re asked to follow along with the instructor and benefiting from the kind of real-time, interactive experience that only the technology in Tempo can offer.

See My Tempo Welcome Workout

Next, let’s define who Tempo is best for and who might not find it to be a great fit.

Who is this smart studio for?

Not every piece of smart home gym equipment is right for everyone. There are a lot of options out there, which is why it’s imperative that you take a look at all the facts and details before making a buying decision as important as this.

Tempo is a good fit for you if:

  • You’re new to strength training and would like to be walked through the entire process while avoiding the embarrassment of looking like an amateur in the gym.
  • Want to learn the fundamentals of lifting with proper form and function so that you can create your own fitness routine in the future.
  • You used to go to the gym and are now forced to workout from home, whether because your gym is closed, you’re fearful of germs, or you no longer have the time to spend driving to and from.
  • Your home is small and/or you don’t have a dedicated home gym area. Tempo can easily fit in any room inside your home thanks to its sleek, compact design and gorgeous aesthetic.
  • Technology excites you and you want to have the latest in fitness tech and AI at your fingertips.
  • Working out is an important part of your life and you want to be able to fit it in anytime that your schedule allows.
  • You crave variety and versatility with your workouts, mixing things up between strength training, HIIT, yoga, and more.
  • You’ve always dreamt of hiring a personal trainer but have never had the budget to pull the trigger.

Think twice before buying Tempo if:

  • You’re on a tight budget. At $2,495 + $39/month for the app subscription, it’s not a small investment. However, there is an option to finance the studio for just $69 per month for those who qualify.
  • The look of the machine doesn’t mesh well with your home and/or you are in a tiny space that simply doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate it. Keep in mind that you’ll have to leave some space around it to move your body and perform the exercises properly.
  • Strength training isn’t a priority in your workouts. If you’re someone who prefers cardio as the cornerstone of your fitness routine, you might be better off with something like the MYX bike.

Tempo Bundles (NEW): What's the investment look like?

Tempo just released a brand new pricing structure, which they're calling “Tempo Bundles.” I put together a pretty cool table below filled with the most pertinent information needed.

BundleTempo StarterTempo PlusTempo Pro
Monthly Option:$69 / month$90 / month$111 / month
Fitness Level:BeginnerIntermediateAdvanced
Where to buy:More infoMore infoMore info
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The Tempo Fit Studio Starts at $2,495 + $39 per month for the membership fee which gives you access to their streaming classes. You can also choose monthly installments for as little as $55 per month for 36 months. Check out the image below that has the details:

Yes, this is a sizable investment. However, when compared to similar products on the market like the $2999 NordicTrack Vault (compare vault vs. tempo) or the $2995 Tonal system (see Tonal versus Tempo), this price point is actually much more affordable for most folks looking to purchase smart gym equipment for their home. Of course, each product has its own unique style, functionality, and nuances. These factors may cause you to lean towards one product over another, but the point is that if you’re looking for an all-in-one strength training solution, Tempo is very competitively priced.

Similar to every other connected device on the market, you’ll be required to pay for a membership subscription to get the most out of the machine. Your subscription gives you access to the constant stream of new content, personalized AI coaching, and more. The $39 per month subscription is well worth it and usually much less expensive than a gym membership which can run anywhere from $40 per month up to $200+.

Here's a more detailed look at the investment with a pricing table below:

Tempo's Pricing💲
Bundles (NEW)Tempo Starter ($2,495), Tempo Plus ($3,245), Tempo Pro ($3,995)
Monthly finance option:Qualify for 0% APR and pay as little as $69/mo (Excludes tax, delivery and membership)
30-Day Return Policy:30-day, hassle-free trial. If you don't like it, you can return it
Delivery:✔ Yes, $250 (Covers white glove delivery, handling and full set up + placement and removal of debris)
Membership:$39/mo includes entire household complete access to live and on-demand workout classes (requires 12 month commitment)
Promo Code: Click to see
Visit Official Website for More Information

You’ve heard the hype, you’ve done the research, and now you’re left with the one question you came here to get answered: is this smart gym studio worth the investment?

Is the Tempo Studio worth your hard earned cash?

YES, the Tempo Studio is 100% worth it in my humble opinion. Do I have it? Yes, unlike many other review articles out there that DON'T use it, I do. And, I will be releasing some YouTube videos with a focus on strength training. This is, after all, Fitness Training Star where we TRAIN HARD!

Let me tell you why Tempo is worth it by…

Highlighting the advantages of Tempo Fit

AI integration: This is by far one of the smartest smart gyms on the market. Whether you’re brand new to strength training or you’ve been at it for a while, everyone can benefit from the direction, guidance, and subtle reminders that help keep your form in check. Strength training with proper form is vitally important to avoid injuries and negative side effects on your body. The best part about this AI technology is that you still get to experience a private training session thanks to the 3D form rendering that doesn’t actually reveal your personal physical details.

Sleek, attractive design: There are two color choices, black or white, to choose from. Both options look great in nearly any room in your home. This definitely isn’t a piece of equipment that you’ll want to hide away when you’re not using it.

Compact and self-containing: No need to drag out equipment every time you’re ready to workout. All your weights are stored nicely within the Tempo and hidden away when not in use.

Olympic-grade equipment: I don’t know if you’ve looked around the market lately for gym equipment, but if you have you likely found that it's scarce and grossly overpriced. Tempo comes with Olympic-grade, rubber-coated plates that are designed to last and maintain their integrity for years to come. 

Amazing instruction and great classes: The instructors are motivational, easy to understand, and easy to connect with. They’re professionals in their field and they are there to make exercise effective and fun for you as the user. Overall, the programming is a great experience.

The company is in it for the long-haul: There isn’t just hype around Tempo, they have some impressive numbers to back them up. Namely the fact that they have raised nearly $80 million in funding to date. This is a strong sign that this brand is legitimate and here to stay. I am going to go ahead and say that although this is the brand’s first product launch, I doubt it will be their last.

Things to consider before buying

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect fitness machine. And not every machine is going to be great for every exerciser, so let’s also take a look at a couple of things that you might consider before pulling the trigger:

Included weights go up to 115 lbs. For most beginner and intermediate lifters, this is ample weight, however, advanced lifters may find this lacking. Luckily, you can purchase heavier plates, but that will cost you extra.

AI isn’t perfect. Just like your trainer could look away and miss counting one of your reps, the AI can also miss a rep here or there due to things like you being too far from the screen, a lag on the internet, etc.

You might need to invest in a bench separately. Tempo doesn’t come equipped with a bench, so you’re left to perform many of your pushing exercises on the floor. If you’re someone who’s used to using a bench at the gym, you might want to grab a bench to go along with your setup. I predict that the brand will release its own bench in the near future, so be on the lookout for that.

See it in ACTION! (19 photos)

Is Tempo Home Gym a Legit Contender? (Review Summary)

Armed with all the facts and features of this smart home gym, it’s now up to you to decide if this is the right fit for you, your fitness goals, and your budget.

If you’ve been looking around the connected gym market, you already know that you have some great choices. From the brand that started it all, Peloton, to new releases like Forme Life, it can feel overwhelming to try to make the right decision. After all, the last thing you want to do is end up with a piece of equipment delivered to your home only to discover that you don’t like it all.

Tempo makes the decision pretty easy, in my opinion. When compared with many of its competitors, you’ll find that it’s more versatile, intuitive, affordable, and compact. Not to mention it’s very simple to use and features some of the most advanced technology in the industry.

With a giant 42” HD screen and real-time tracking and form cues, Tempo fills the gap between working out in the gym and enjoying the safety and convenience of being at home. Furthermore, they add to their value by allowing users to participate in live group classes with a leaderboard that encourages users to push to be their best, compete with others, and make genuine connections. As someone who thrives on competition, I am happy to report that this is integrated into the programming.

To wrap things up, Tempo offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you purchase this system and for some reason decide it’s not the right fit, you can return it with no questions asked – it’s virtually risk-free. And to help with budget concerns, they offer financing for those who qualify, allowing folks to own this piece of advanced fitness tech for as little as $69 per month, which is pretty incredible and well worth it if you ask me.

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