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Terra Glide vs Terra Core (With Reviews in 2021)

Are you looking to take your fitness workouts to the next level? I think we’re all very certain that if we want to do anything of any consequence, it’s hard to do it alone. And, in order to reach STAR status, we at Fitness Training Star (FTS) believe in having someone or something help us reach our fitness goals.

COVID has changed the way we workout and take care of our bodies. One of the most trending ways to workout is at home or on the go. For example, it’s not uncommon to see people go to the local park to get their workout in. Now, usually these workouts are used with portable fitness equipment.

As an avid watcher of Shark Tank, I stumbled upon the Terra Core episode and the product immediately caught my attention. After watching the entire show, I decided to purchase a Terra Core for a bunch of different reasons, which I’ll be highlighting in this article. Then, the same company created the Terra Glide, and, again I purchased because I loved my Terra Core so much.

Well, here we are discussing both fitness products to see which one (or both) may be right for you. I want this to be the best information on the Terra Core vs the Terra Glide to help you review before you buy.

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Review of Terra Glide
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🥁 Is Terra Core or Terra Glide Better?

🆚 Main Differences: Terra-Glide Vs. Terra-Core

You can do so many different workouts basically anywhere you want with these pieces of fitness equipment. We specialize in reviewing and comparing gym equipment, so this is right up our ally! Let’s start things off with a simplistic table that’s nice on the eyes!

comparison chart
VSTerra GlideTerra Core
Coupon Code✔️✔️
Resistance Band Grooves✔️✔️
Premium Workout Content✔️✔️
Retractable Wheels✔️
Do Bench Workouts✔️
Dynamic Surface✔️✔️
Specs24″ x 15″ x 7″46.6″ x 18.31″ x 6.5″
Weight19 lbs39 lbs
Where to buyWebsiteWebsite

Terra Glide Review

balance trainer - terra-glide

The Terra Glide is a balance trainer that’s designed for busy people who value staying fit and healthy. This balance trainer has 4 major components that make it different from any other fitness tool out there.

Dynamic Surface

The top portion of the balance trainer is the blow-up, air-filled surface. The bottom is high quality grade material and you can flip the Terra-Glide on either side to get the workout you need. The sides are super durable as well.

Retractable Wheels

This part is really cool – The Terra Glide has retractable wheels on the bottom of it that you can pop in and out. That means you can do a wide variety of workouts pretty much anywhere, such as turning your balance trainer into an ab roller.

glute workout with retractable wheels
An amazing way to work the glutes.
glute workout premium content
Follow their premium workouts.

Pop-Out Handles

The pop out handles work like a charm for weighted, push and pull exercises. They are easy to pop in and out, so you can do it in between sets and not worry about wasting time (like taking weight plates on and off the barbell – huge time suck).

Resistance Bands

On the sides of the Terra-Glide, there are band grooves as well as multiple band mounting spots. This helps you do exercises like flys, bicep curls, and shoulder circuits just to name a few.

Is Terra Glide Worth It?

Terra Glide has a super unique slogan:

“This is how we roll.”

Pretty cool, right?

What’s even cooler is the Terra-Glide was created by the same company who created Terra-Core. You may already know Terra-Core from Shark Tank, where the company accepted a $300,000 deal in exchange for 22.5% equity from shark star Lori Greiner.

The point is, Terra-Glide is going to be as successful (if not more) than Terra-Core. There are so many benefits of having a dynamic, portable, balance trainer that allows you to work every muscle group whenever and wherever you want.

There’s also a sense of community around the brand, almost like their own tribe. They produce premium workout content on their YouTube channel so that you can follow along with muscle-specific training exercises from above average coaches.

How Much Does Terra Glide Cost?

The Terra-Glide comes in at $199 and that’s a 1 time payment. Terra Glide’s hooked us up with a coupon code (25% off). So, if you decide you want it, purchase from our link and use code FTS25 at checkout. That will bring your total cost down to $149.25.

Terra-Glide 25% Off 25% OFF
Terra-Glide 25% Off
Click the code, then click go to the deal.
Click the code, then click go to the deal. Show Less

Customer Reviews: What Are Fitness Enthusiasts Saying About Terra Glide?

There’s been an overwhelming amount of positive reviews on Terra-Glide’s Facebook page. Fitness enthusiasts are obsessed with it (as am I). People that reviewed it said how much they love the balance part and retractable wheels to do even more types of exercises. Overall, it’s a product that people love and we can all expect to see even more positive reviews from here on out as the product gains more traction.

Terra Core Review

balance trainer - terra-core

The Terra-Core balance trainer that’s a one size fitness for all to workout the entire body. It’s very unique in that it can move you to a hard surface to a soft dynamic surface so you can crush strength and balance training all in one.

The Terra Core also has 4 key components that help distinguish its value.

Dynamic Surface

Like the Terra-Glide, Terra Core also has a dynamic surface that provides comfort and variety for a more effective workout. The top of the balance trainer is an air-filled bench-type of surface, which was a huge draw to me when purchasing so I could do bench and balance workouts.

Workout Features

As mentioned above, the top of the Terra-Core is blown up and filled with air. You can lay down the trainer and use their resistance bands or your own dumbbells (which I do) for chest workouts such as dumbbell bench press, dumbbell flys, or resistance bench press. It’s very versatile.

Superior Features

On the bottom of the trainer are handles and bars. Having these allows you to do push-ups, burpees, bent over rows to workout your back, shoulder presses and other weighted exercises. Here’s the deal, Terra-Core itself is pretty heavy, and that works to our advantage when lifting it around during workouts.

Resistance Bands

The band bridge creates a smooth, yet powerful way to workout with resistance bands. No need to worry about the bands tearing up or breaking, because the fit is perfect. You can do literally any type of workout with the bands, such as bicep curls, upright rows, flys, and much more.

Is Terra Core Worth It?

Terra Core was pitched on Shark Tank (2019) and has now been endorsed by thousands of fitness enthusiasts, influencers and world class athletes who are looking to improve the look and feel of their body.

One thing that I absolutely love (and so does most of the users in the Terra Core family) is that you can connect to their app. The app provides Terra-Core specific workouts that you can easily follow along. The trainers / coaches do a very good job, which can be comparable to my Tempo Home Gym coaches.

golfer using terra-core
Even athletes can benefit from Terra Core!

Here’s a message by Shark Tank star Daymond John about Terra Core:

With the app and the amount of upper plus lower body workouts you can do with it, the Terra Core is easily worth the already low price point. The quality of material it’s made from is impressive and withstands many of my hardcore, sweaty workouts.

How Much Does Terra Core Cost?

The Terra-Core is priced at a one-time fee of $199. You can also select a payment plan that is sliced up in 4 payments of $49.75 with shop pay. Terra Core’s hooked us up with a 25% off coupon code, which would bring the price down to $149.25.

Terra-Core 25% Off 25% Off
Terra-Core 25% Off
Click the code, then click go to the deal.
Click the code, then click go to the deal. Show Less

Customer Reviews: What Are Fitness Enthusiasts Saying About Terra Core?

So far, there are over 360 user reviews on Amazon alone with 84% of them being 5 stars ratings and 10% consist of 4 star ratings with only a few negative reviews. There are also a few hundred other people who have purchased on teracorefitness.com (which you should too with our 25% off code) and also reviewed the product. Nearly all of them were 5 stars or better as people rave about how much it has improved their home workouts.

🥁 Which Fitness Tool Is Better: Terra Core or Terra Glide?

Like I mentioned above, I purchased both products and use them frequently (nearly with all of my workouts). With all the exercises you can do without bulky equipment, the Terra-Glide and Terra-Core are absolutely worth the $199 price point. Now, with our 25% discount code, you’re looking at $149.25 and the lowest possible price you can buy it for directly from the brand.

If you’re still weighing which balance trainer is for you, here’s my final thoughts to help you decide.

The Terra Core is a better option if you’re looking for heavier weight training and more balance-type workouts. The air-filled surface area is much bigger than the Terra-Glide, so you can do plyo training and have plenty of space to do bench workouts as well.

strength and balance training
So many ways to do strength, cardio and balance workouts!
Terra-Core 25% Off 25% Off
Terra-Core 25% Off
Click the code, then click go to the deal.
Click the code, then click go to the deal. Show Less

The Terra Glide is the perfect fit for you if you’re looking for a smaller piece of gym equipment that can work all muscle groups with very limited space. You can also bring out the retractable wheels to turn it into an ab roller.

Terra-Glide 25% Off 25% OFF
Terra-Glide 25% Off
Click the code, then click go to the deal.
Click the code, then click go to the deal. Show Less

If you have a bigger budget and you want the best of both worlds like I did, then purchase both the Terra-Glide and the Terra-Core. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll be that much closer to reaching STAR status.

As we always say here at Fitness Training Star – TRAIN HARD!

*Our editors research, review and recommend the best products we trust. We may receive a commission on some (but not all) links in our content. TRAIN HARD!

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